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Cryptocurrency – Preserving Freedoms & Building An Alternative World

A Sensitive World I recently heard of an incident where a restaurant manager suddenly found himself without a job for simply stating that the monkeys that frequented the restaurant he managed were part of the family. Obviously, this restaurant is in a natural location… Continue Reading “Cryptocurrency – Preserving Freedoms & Building An Alternative World”

Do More Of What Works

Time Is Limited Even though much of what is done in a bear market will only be realized much later on down the road, it is still possible to monitor and analyze your progress during these early stages. Where are you currently experiencing the… Continue Reading “Do More Of What Works”

Juggling Your “Crypto Life”

“Opportunity” Still Requires Time It is often said that Crypto offers a great opportunity to build and generate wealth over time and while this is true, It still requires time, effort, and dedication. Once again, a good opportunity is not synonymous with “easy money”,… Continue Reading “Juggling Your “Crypto Life””

Crypto – Playing The Long Game

An Interesting Observation Something that I have noticed over the years is how many come into the Crypto space with the immediate expectation of wealth. So many are not prepared to travel a journey in order to realize that wealth. Furthermore, I have noted… Continue Reading “Crypto – Playing The Long Game”

Prioritizing Your Efforts In Crypto

You Only Have So Much Time One of the most important disciplines you learn in any business or career path is effective time management. How you allocate and spend your time can mean the difference between sub-par results and excellence. This comes down to… Continue Reading “Prioritizing Your Efforts In Crypto”

Trading – A Well-Defined Strategy

Beyond Binary Markets may indeed be binary in nature but trading is a lot more complex than this simple binary nature that generates profits and incurs losses. Allocation points, lot sizes, and leverage play a significant role in defining a good strategy. Simply buying… Continue Reading “Trading – A Well-Defined Strategy”

Making The Most Of My New Healthy Habit

Recent Health Challenges I have always had a very busy schedule and perhaps that has played a part in the recent health issues I have been experiencing. This has encouraged me to adopt a new discipline of walking 4 to 6 kilometers every day.… Continue Reading “Making The Most Of My New Healthy Habit”

If It’s Passive – It Can’t Be A Waste Of Time!

An Important Element Of Crypto Income Well, it’s actually an important element of any form of income! Time, it’s the one asset you can never replace or “earn”. You only have so much of it and it’s important to use it as wisely as… Continue Reading “If It’s Passive – It Can’t Be A Waste Of Time!”

Leofinance – A New Chapter

Things Are Moving Fast With the recent release of PolyCUB has come a renewed excitement and optimism for Leofinance and the entire ecosystem that is being built upon it. Leofinance is the foundational core element here and stands to benefit significantly in time. Hive… Continue Reading “Leofinance – A New Chapter”

Bitcoin & The Macro Picture

Bitcoin Idles On Looking back into the Bitcoin price action reveals how the price has actually been stuck at the $39K zone for some time now. Even though there have been surges to the upside, BTC has been constantly pulled back into this lock… Continue Reading “Bitcoin & The Macro Picture”