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Trading With Zero Volatility

Create Your Own The last couple of days has been extremely painful in terms of trading. A surfer can identify. It’s like heading off to your favorite swell and the ocean is like a lake. What do you do? Well, a surfer packs up… Continue Reading “Trading With Zero Volatility”

Understanding The Relativity Dynamic That Dictates Price

Laws That Govern All markets are binary in nature and operate on multiple levels of relativity. These are inherent laws, or dynamics if you will that govern and direct markets. Most are aware of the fundamental and most basic relativity ratio that decides price.… Continue Reading “Understanding The Relativity Dynamic That Dictates Price”

Do You Understand The Hierarchy Of The Market?

Introduction Markets move based on confluence. This confluence is attained by the collection of relevant data. The data points are in turn gained from the different levels of indicators. Let’s address some basics. In a bull market, an effective trader buys dips. This strategy… Continue Reading “Do You Understand The Hierarchy Of The Market?”

Productivity-Based Goals VS Reward-Based Goals

Goals Are Imperative To Success Without goals, there is no measurable success. Goals not only encourage productivity but also ensure it. Having a set of daily goals helps you secure and ensure your productivity for the day. I find that daily goals become even… Continue Reading “Productivity-Based Goals VS Reward-Based Goals”

Conviction & Excitement In A Bear Market

Conviction Ahead Of All Else As I mentioned in my recent post, “A Blockchain-Based World Is Inevitable”, it is merely a matter of time before blockchain and Crypto completely redefine our world. What this in essence means for those who are able to identify… Continue Reading “Conviction & Excitement In A Bear Market”

Financial Wisdom To Counter Economic Collapse

High Inflation Is Here To Stay There is a strong likelihood that when the FED meets again in September, we will be met with some “good news”. As interest rate hikes have continued to attack inflation, combined with lowering commodity prices, there is a… Continue Reading “Financial Wisdom To Counter Economic Collapse”

Investing – The Dual Objective

General Misconception There is a massive flaw within the world of investing that doesn’t seem to exist in other spheres of business, at least not to this degree. Would you endeavor to fly an airplane based on your knowledge of airplanes? Probably not! Would… Continue Reading “Investing – The Dual Objective”

Flipping Altcoins In A Bear Market

Exhaustive Range If you read my article, “Bear Markets Provide Gains Only To Snap Them Back”, you will understand how the market often brings participants to their knees by simply exhausting them. The constant up-down dynamic with no real price maturation over time can… Continue Reading “Flipping Altcoins In A Bear Market”

I Never Bought This Pump – Here’s What I Did Instead

You Are Missing Out When you have spent hours upon hours of ongoing research and analysis you begin to develop a certain conviction. A conviction that is based upon data, which at times, may appear to be incorrect, at least to the bystanders. However,… Continue Reading “I Never Bought This Pump – Here’s What I Did Instead”

Fearless Execution

Avoid Paralysis One of the number one hindrances to missing a great opportunity is fear. This is a two-edged sword. Fear to act in case you become a casualty, as well as fear of missing out and then acting too soon. To be honest,… Continue Reading “Fearless Execution”