Finding New & Exciting Ways To Boost Your Crypto Income

A Familiar Temptation

A common rule of practice when it comes to the world of trading and investing is to add to your winning positions. Similarly, when one experiences a certain level of success in regard to an income model, the logical approach is to increase one’s investment of time, effort, and even capital. I strongly agree with this approach. However, I believe that one should apply an additional aspect of “investment intelligence”.

Ironically, this is a practice that real estate investors tend to understand, and that is to secure an additional income stream. In the world of real estate, that amounts to securing a second rental property. Compounding and nurturing an existing income stream is very much like what a real estate investor does when they choose to renovate and add additional perks to an existing rental property.

Essentially, they are now able to secure a higher rental, and in so doing, increase their income. However, a real estate investor understands that there is only so much one can achieve via the ownership of one rental property. In regard to Crypto income streams, there is also growth and an increase of income by further “investing” in an already functional and profitable model. However, there are other factors at play.

For instance, choosing to develop additional income streams often creates favorable outcomes. Getting involved with the right project, or the right niche at just the right time often secures a level of income significantly higher than originally projected. There are numerous events, promotions, and other developments that can provide a new income model with a rather significant boost! Essentially, a new income model can increase your odds of success.

Profitability Does Not Imply Exclusivity

Just because specific income models are working well, and continue to do so over extended periods of time, doesn’t mean one should cease to explore and continue building. Not only does continuation and extension beyond your existing systems create the opportunity for additional income, but also that of creativity and invigoration. It’s good to develop daily habits and practices in regard to your Crypto hustle. However, it’s just as important to avoid stagnation.

As the saying goes: “A change is as good as a holiday”. There’s nothing like creating a bit of excitement and “new life” by shaking things up a bit. Many have become so complacent in their daily routines that they haven’t even noticed that it is affecting their mood and creativity. There is a desperate need for something, a little excitement! This is another reason why constant growth is so important.

Essentially, it exposes you to new ideas and areas of exposure, which simultaneously require additional study, research, and exploration. This keeps things fresh and exciting. If your business grows in terms of income, but you have ceased to grow in knowledge, skill, and understanding… are you still growing? I am not opposed to remaining vigilant in regard to what one has already built and established.

I am however of the opinion that it shouldn’t stop there. Those who run or exercise will know that strength and endurance increase as one pushes beyond one’s existing limits. Remaining within the limitations of what already exists is not a good long-term play. Yes, grow what is already working… but don’t stop there. Make it an ambition to add a new mechanism, idea, or approach every two to three months.

Final Thoughts

Familiarity breeds contempt… it’s always healthy to be making new additions and incorporating new ideas and approaches. Keep the river flowing, and don’t allow stagnation to set in. That’s my view, at least! A good opportunity to incorporate this mindset is when a new trend breaks in the market. Instead of waiting around, find ways to get involved and exposed without incurring much risk. I can personally attest to how well this has worked out for me in the past. It’s that proactive approach that often seems to find favor. Well, that’s it for this one, catch you next time!

Litecoin’s Halving Set To Propell LTC Back Into The Top 10

Free Entertainment

One of the most entertaining aspects of Crypto-based social media has been the opinion of influencers, as well as their audiences, in regard to Litecoin. “Litecoin is dead”, is what you are likely to hear anytime LTC is mentioned. However, even as far back as 2020, LTC acted as a leading indicator in regard to the signaling of a fresh bull market.

I wrote about this leading into the bull market of that period. Sure enough, LTC was one of the first coins to begin moving ahead of Bitcoin, signaling that the market was about to ignite. A few weeks ago, I once again drew attention to Litecoin’s upcoming halving. Unlike most coins, with the exception of BTC, of course, Litecoin experiences significant appreciation alongside its halving event.

I am not going to go into the details again. However, you can refer to my recent article, “Litecoin – The Halving, New Wallet Addresses & Payment Adoption”. At the time of writing the abovementioned article, Litecoin was ranked at number 15, according to CoinGecko. In a matter of three weeks, Litecoin has gone on to secure the 12th position.

Judging from previous halving events, LTC is set to flip both Solana and Polygon and regain its position in the Top 10! In order to accomplish this, LTC has to move ahead of the broader market by approximately 20% within the next three months. As mentioned in my previous article, Litecoin rallies into its halving, while Bitcoin rallies post its halving event.

Massive Trading Volume

The use of Litecoin, in regard to payments and digital cash is a lot more prevalent than many realize. Furthermore, the trading volume of this “old legend” outpaces even coins that are ranked above it. For example, Solana is ranked above Litecoin, and yet Litecoin’s trading volume is more than 4X that of Solana. The same is true of Polygon, which is ranked even higher than Solana. Litecoin’s trading volume is a whopping 6X that of Polygon.

Coins within a similar market cap range generally tend to trade similar volumes with modest exceptions. However, Litecoin’s trading volume is significantly outpacing coins within and above its market cap ranking. I would suggest that there is a high likelihood that LTC returns to the Top 10 within the coming months. Litecoin has gained almost 20% since my article drew attention to its halving event more than three weeks ago.

Final Thoughts

I have always had a soft spot for Litecoin over the years, probably due to it being one the first coins I ever owned, along with Bitcoin and Doge, of course. In an uncertain market, Litecoin is currently offering some fairly good odds in regard to a decent risk/reward ratio. Obviously, nothing is ever guaranteed. However, being on the lookout for decent odds is always a good idea.

Given that Litecoin has always performed relatively well during this period, it makes sense that it is likely to do so again, at least to some extent. Historically, there are only really two halvings that you can rely on for some stellar gains. These are the Bitcoin and Litecoin halving events. I would expect LTC to at least breach the $200 mark in the coming months. Provided, the entire market chooses to play along.

A steep correction in the Crypto market would obviously throw a bit of a damper on this trading idea. However, if that were to be the case, LTC should at least display some level of resilience in relation to the broader market. Anyway, we wait to see how this plays out. All the best, and catch you next time!

Switch To A Multi-Niche Model – Trading, Content Creation & Passive Income

The Entrepreneurial Life

Cryptoneurs are like most other online entrepreneurs, in that they learn to set up and establish multiple income sources. Very few choose to depend on a single income source, but rather go about building and establishing multiple sources of income. This is more of a reality than it is a choice. However, it definitely has its perks. Choosing to rely on multiple sources of income simultaneously creates an element of diversification.

Do you remember the carnage of 2022? How many people chose to leverage Celsius and BlockFi as a single income source? In other words, the collapse of these entities not only brought their income to an abrupt end, but their working capital was now also lost. This is pretty much a death blow and displays how generating Crypto income from multiple sources is actually a blessing in disguise.

Even when it comes to traditional finance, diversification is always encouraged, and how much more, the Crypto space. Most Crypto enthusiasts have their fingers in multiple pies. Sure, sometimes there is significantly more “weight” attributed to one or two opportunities. However, they realize that this is the most effective, and possibly, the safest way to go about this endeavor. For many of us, setting up an additional income stream is always an exciting adventure.

You will find that many traders eventually become content creators, and vice versa. Essentially, they realize that in order to maximize their exposure and reach, they need to embrace multiple sectors of the Crypto economy. Being willing to expand on one’s predefined ideas regarding income generation is one of the qualities that aid any serious Cryptoneur. Being ready and willing to try new ideas and advancements in the space is key to remaining in step.

Multi-Niche Model

This is where many newcomers to the space face their first challenge. They begin to discover that there is so much more to Crypto than what they previously envisioned. Essentially, they either expand their horizons or miss out. This school of thought also affords Crypto enthusiasts the advantage of remaining on the cutting edge. A typical trader who chose to avoid DEXs and AMMs in 2020 and 2021 would have missed out on some of the most explosive gains of the season.

Yes, Crypto still operates in what is typically recognized as four-year seasons. Not only that but historically, every season has a new “development” that turns out to be the life of the party. In simple terms, being open to and involved in new ideas and developments essentially puts you in line with being exposed to the top performers of any particular cycle. Of course, many are looking to 2025 in anticipation of what will become the next bull market catalyst.

The Bitcoin halving tends to get the ball rolling. However, it is usually followed by the next buzzword and development… and sometimes, even developments. The last cycle saw both DeFi and NFTs coming in as leading trends. Both sectors experienced enormous gains, as they dominated headlines, and even, MSM. A diversified model sets you up for solid exposure, as well as providing a level of safety through diversification.

Final Thoughts

I guess the moral of the story is to embrace diversity and new ideas within the space. You never know what the future holds. If you are earning within these sectors, as well as profiting, especially in the event that any of them boom exponentially, then you are extremely well positioned. At the end of the day, success often comes down to being well-positioned, especially when it comes to investments and financial markets.

That’s another benefit of using Crypto as working capital, or collateral, it’s open to appreciate along with the market. Making use of fiat, in this regard, has very few perks. That being said, it’s all about knowing your market… being in such a predicament during a bear market will work against you. A recent article entitled, “The Professional DeFi Investor” details how to avoid this particular dynamic. That’s it for this one. Keep grinding, and I will see you next time!

Crypto & The Degradation Of Middle Class Society

An Integral Aspect Of Social Structure

Regardless of the country or jurisdiction, the middle class has always been the heartbeat of any society. These are your employed and self-employed individuals. This particular class of society generally enjoys a level of independence and is not reliant upon the state. In actual fact, it is very much their accumulative tax contributions that empower the state and support the less fortunate.

Essentially, a healthy middle class creates a healthy economy. These are your consumers, along with the wealthy, of course. However, what we have begun to experience is the slow degradation of the middle class. This is not an isolated occurrence but is common in countries around the globe. Many often look to the US as a measuring stick. However, middle class America is not looking too good either.

Consumers are now avoiding big brand names in an effort to stretch their dollars that little bit further. Almost half of middle class America is unable to afford a monthly budget that includes all the essentials. Essentially, this means that consumers are sacrificing certain aspects of their budget, in order to come out at the end of the month. New vehicles are becoming more and more unattainable for many, as prices rise, along with the costs associated with financing debt.

This is obviously hitting homeowners quite hard as well, as interest rates continue to rise, despite the already burdensome load homeowners are expected to shoulder. The financing of debt has become astronomical and is closing in on many middle class citizens. Simply stated, the middle class is shrinking, and with it the stability it provides the economy. Wages are in many cases, stagnant, which just further compounds the problem.

Crypto Providing Support

Many have discovered that instead of vegetating in front of the TV they can put their free time to better use. This is where blockchain-based income-generative models and ideas are beginning to alleviate some of the burdens. There are obviously those who have managed to adjust their financial situation by choosing to take this particular idea as far as possible. Every four years or so, partakers in the incentivized economy see their efforts being multiplied many times over.

This obviously becomes even more of an inspiration and is why so many are choosing to make the most of this particular opportunity. As time matures, so do the income streams of those who choose to build them. The results speak for themselves, and motivation begets motivation. Not only are the returns compounded, but even the vigor that keeps these hustlers pushing for more. The beauty of compounding in an ever-appreciating market.

Even though partakers in this new economy may not necessarily experience an increase year on year, over time they definitely do. Generally, the Crypto market unleashes “years of returns” in a single burst of parabolic euphoria. That’s just how this market operates, at least until now. The future is never truly guaranteed, is it? However, that doesn’t deter those who have tasted the victory of dedication and patience. For many, they are encouraged to make as much headway as possible, now!

Final Thoughts

Another important aspect to bear in mind is that what constitutes the middle class from country to country is not a universal figure in regard to income. A person may consider themselves to be middle class in their country of origin and yet miss or overshoot the mark in another jurisdiction. This is where many Americans and other First World citizens often underestimate the power of an additional $200 a month.

In certain countries, this has the ability to enhance one’s lifestyle quite significantly. Essentially, Crypto has always been promoted as a means to bank the unbanked. To provide financial services, along with an element of independence and dignity. Sadly, much of the Crypto community is so consumed with self-enrichment that they fail to realize the impact they could have but forfeit due to selfish ambition.

Many have become calloused to how indifferent they are, and how selfish their actions and motivations have become. Certain blockchains have the ability to empower, and yet sadly, the majority choose to empower themselves, along with their delusions of grandeur. Hopefully, we can see some real groundbreaking development in this particular expression. Many of these opportunities are unparalleled, in regard to what can be achieved on a broader scale.

If Crypto does not empower, then in my view, we are missing an integral aspect of its brilliance, and it would be a shame to see such potential being wasted. Let’s look to build, and not just merely for ourselves. There are a number of people in this space that I have taken note of, especially in regard to this very matter. I hope they continue and don’t grow weary! All the best, see you next time!

Markets, Trading & Preparation


The markets have been somewhat ambiguous over the past few weeks, and even months. I have avoided trading during this period. However, I am expecting some volatility soon, and as a result, have begun making preparations for some fresh trading activity. Tomorrow is the day of anticipation, at least for platforms and exchanges looking to begin operations in Hong Kong.

Given that entities will only begin submissions tomorrow, we are likely to experience somewhat of a delay in regard to the Crypto market responding to this event. It is also possible that a bit of a “buy the rumor, sell the news” event occurs. However, I wouldn’t expect too much of a drop, even if it is the case. Markets are unpredictable at the best of times, which is why when you are exposed to the market, you really have to be immersed in it.

Bitcoin above $26K is still within an acceptable range. However, lose $26K with a daily close and I would begin thinking that a strong possibility of further downside is rather likely. The market rewards risk-takers, but it also destroys them. However, you have to be in the game if you are to expect even the possibility of a reward. Money is never made on the sidelines. As an investor or trader, you make the best-informed decisions possible.

As the old saying goes: “The sure-thing boat never gets far from the shore”. It’s a game of chance and educated decisions. This particular stage is what I refer to as true accumulation. In other words, the likelihood of the bottom being in is rather likely. Furthermore, even a retracement during this phase is usually extremely brief. What we tend to see at this stage is periods of sideways chop, followed by sudden and significant volatility.

Getting In The Mix

This is historically a good time to combine accumulation with trading, as the market tends to provide opportunities on both sides of the spectrum. We are however seeing somewhat of a wonky head-and-shoulders pattern forming amongst some of the altcoins, as well as BTC struggling to hold $27K. This could be a bit of a minor breakdown. Observation of key levels is definitely the case here.

Image Source

Ideally, bulls don’t want to lose $26K. A retracement to that level, accompanied by a bounce, however, might be a good long setup. For now, I am watching. A good trade appears to be on the horizon. Further price action will hopefully point watchful traders in the appropriate direction. What many fail to realize is that trade opportunities mature with the help of confluence and key levels.

At a point of maturation, traders take the risk, knowing that it’s not guaranteed. However, this is as good as it gets. I am getting ready for hopefully what will turn out to be some overdue volatility, in either direction. As always, this is not investment advice, but merely my own personal interpretation of the markets. Catch you next time!

Crypto Income Models – How You Build Matters

The Key Benefit

When it comes to Cryptocurrency there are two very important aspects that make it unique. Not only are these particular aspects unique, but they are at the very essence and heart of Cryptocurrency. Independence and self-custody are two incredibly powerful dynamics, especially when coupled together. Those who choose to maximize these two dynamics get to enjoy the freedom that Crypto enables.

The idea of self-custody is itself an expression of independence. However, the true aspect of independence comes down to how and where you build. You can build income models within the Crypto realm that are reliant upon others, as well as entities… and then you can build income models that are more heavily reliant upon code and protocols. Many are still very much stuck in a WEB2 level thinking.

They simply transfer the same principles of TradFi and legacy business models to what they term decentralized alternatives…and then continue to praise WEB3 and decentralization. However, in practice, they are still bound by WEB2 ideology. This becomes blatantly clear when observing behaviors, conversations, and intent. The true brilliance of Cryptocurrency is that this is no longer required, in order to experience success.

You will note how many platforms that enable some form of Crypto income tend to adjust their stance and values from time to time. Essentially, this has the power to eradicate or diminish the earnings of someone who has perhaps sacrificed and invested much, in order to create that particular income stream. All aspects of life are susceptible to the knock-on effect. Essentially, this is simply the consequence of somebody else’s actions. This is something that needs to be considered when creating income models.

As If Volatility Wasn’t Bad Enough

Choosing to build within the Crypto economy automatically incurs a high level of risk and volatility. However, if what you build has too much exposure to the decisions of others, your risk profile increases. You might not necessarily realize this initially, but time is likely to expose this fundamental weakness for what it is. The key is not to allow too much exposure to that which others are able to influence, whether positively, or negatively.

The majority of your exposure should be as decentralized as possible, and outside of the influence of others. Decentralized Crypto protocols offer a superior position than that of relying on the behavior of others, even if they are operating within “decentralized models”. This is a lesson many are likely to learn at the worst possible time in their Crypto journey. If the bulk of your income is protocol-based, as opposed to personality based, you are in a better position.

Essentially, Crypto is able to provide a rather robust level of independence, and yet very few ever get to experience it. Why? Because they translate the same practices of human reliance into a world that doesn’t necessarily require it. AI is beginning to drive this understanding home to those who have ears to hear. Legacy business models operate on an ancient Egyptian ideology.

A handful of executives position themselves and then enslave others through the carrot of ladder climbing. Essentially, they become fat cats on the backs of others. They toss scraps at their workforce, knowing that their desperation is their weakness, and therefore reason that they will be happy with crumbs. This is the legacy business model.

Ironically, many who enter the Crypto space with “means” choose to apply this very model, in order to advance their own agendas. Decentralization is a myth! There are only levels of decentralization. There is no pure expression of decentralization, which is why, how you build matters. Creating income models that incorporate stronger levels of decentralization is imperative if you wish to create something that lasts, and is not built or reliant upon the actions of others.

One can never truly escape this fundamental flaw. However, choosing to minimize your exposure to it will go a long way in creating a level of independence. Together with this approach comes that of diversification. Being fully exposed to a single idea can be quite powerful. However, it can also be equally destructive. I love the idea of diversification and multiple niches. It creates a net of safety and reassurance.

Final Thoughts

One of the key lessons that emerged out of the covid lockdowns was that of independence. Many found themselves in extremely difficult situations. Others, unfortunately, completely lost their ability to earn. This a prime example of how too much reliance and too little independence can be quite damaging. This, perhaps, was not the case 10 years ago. However, times have changed, and so do the “models” we rely on.

Income opportunities can be ranked in terms of their levels of decentralization and ability to continue earning despite various challenges and unexpected events. One needs to really consider this aspect when creating an income portfolio. That’s it for this one. See you next time!

Goals – Living Off Of Passive Crypto Income Post 2025

An Achievable Goal?

Many of us are absolutely captured by the idea of living off of passive income, and not just any form of passive income, but income generated via creativity within the Crypto space. This is to many their number one goal, and undergirds their activity and effort within this space. The idea that hard work now can eventually lead to a rather significant end is what motivates and drives many of us within the Crypto community.

For a relatively brief period of time, this was something that I was able to achieve during 2021. For a number of months, my monthly passive income was actually in excess of my monthly living expenses. This included every aspect of my monthly expenses. However, as many will know, this would have been short-lived due to the correction that followed. Ironically, this was even after my shift to stablecoins.

When BTC first hit $65K I moved a little over 40% of my portfolio into stablecoins. Some were earning yield, while other allocations were simply on the sidelines in self-custody. Essentially, this is an achievable goal, and one that I believe everyone should be working towards, even if it seems insignificant. Depending on the tools you are utilizing, these earnings will generally appreciate alongside the market.

So, when a bull market arrives, earnings increase… and often in multiples. Bear markets can sometimes hit your “working portfolio” quite hard, especially, if you are still forced to draw an income from it. However, this is not the case for the majority of you reading this article. That being said, it makes this idea even more attractive to you, as you can build without withdrawing.

Time & Compounding

Eventually, the market will reward you if you are persistent and committed to your goal. For the average person, this is one of the best ways to begin positioning yourself for your financial future. Fiat currencies around the world are collapsing against the dollar, despite the overexaggerated de-dollarization narrative. At the same time, the dollar is collapsing against purchasing power.

This will eventually be met by the Crypto market, as it enters a fresh bull market. What we will then experience is an enormous collapse of the dollar against BTC and Crypto, in general. This is how, over time, Crypto investors completely outperform traditional investor benchmarks. Those investing with the intention of creating passive income, are essentially leveraging themselves against the future.

Traditional investors and savers are actually doing the very opposite. I believe we are at the base of a new wave. We could see a temporary correction. However, it is likely to be short-lived. This is statistically a great time to begin building investments and passive income opportunities. Residual income is also a great avenue to explore. This generally requires minimal effort on the investor’s behalf.

Passive income on the other hand requires zero effort. Those generating monthly passive income from HBD and other DeFi opportunities can attest to this. It’s really a great time to be working on such endeavors. Whenever one looks back on a quiet and ranging market, it often reveals the perfect time to have been building and accumulating. With the help of some good altcoin moves, as well as some other strategic plays, this can become a reality.

Getting involved with blockchains that have income streams is another wise road to travel. After prolonged downtrends and ranging markets, investors often begin to believe that prices are never going to return. This is simply a psychological trick that the market unleashes, in order to enable a lengthy accumulation period for those who know better.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, I will be able to regain the ability to secure a decent chunk of passive income post-2025. At the end of the day, it all boils down to hard work now, followed by smart moves near the peak. Applying yourself to these two ideas is at the heart of bringing this goal to a position of reality. Even if one misses the mark this time around, a continuation of these two simple approaches will eventually bring about the desired result.

Hong Kong About To Play Its Master Move

Times Of Uncertainty

Crypto regulation is currently a bit of a global sore point, especially in the US. The clampdown has been rather heavy, and there appears to be no sign of abating anytime soon. The SEC, in particular, has chosen not to release any clear guidelines, in regard to Crypto and regulation. This has forced many Crypto-based entities to begin exploring opportunities outside of the US. Many Crypto enthusiasts have also chosen to follow suit.

The lack of clarity, compounded by limited operability has managed to frustrate market participants to the point of action. Relocating a business, or even a residency is by no means a small decision. However, many are prepared to do just that, provided, they can continue operating. Something that I have previously mentioned is the objective of “capturing” the Crypto market.

TradFi players want to bring Crypto in under their umbrella. They don’t want an alternative financial system, especially one that can operate independently. What we are currently witnessing is something similar to a boa constrictor squeezing the life out of its prey… and many view escape as the only means of survival. The longer the SEC holds operators in the valley of indecision, the more difficult it becomes to survive.

Enter Hong Kong

Hong Kong has seen this as a perfect opportunity and will begin offering Crypto trading on the first of June. Hong Kong is providing a level of clarity during a time when everyone else is doing just the opposite. However, it needs to be noted that there are some very strict requirements. Furthermore, trading is very much going to be limited to top-tier coins.

However, many are likely to prefer a strict stance as opposed to one of uncertainty and a lack of clarity. It will be interesting to see who decides to open up a Hong Kong arm of their business. Asia has also experienced some challenging times, in regard to regulation and the right to operate as a Crypto business or entity. However, Hong Kong seems quite adamant about establishing itself as a Crypto hub.

Many believe this will provide a positive catalyst for the Crypto market, as a whole, and spark further adoption. Either way, jurisdictions that provide solid frameworks will eventually attract businesses. A business requires absolutes. Governments cannot simply carry on providing half-hearted regulatory frameworks that are forever open to adjustment and revisitation.

Whatever has been brought to the table over the years seems to carry little weight. Viewpoints and guidelines shift with the wind. Seriously, one cannot expect businesses to operate in such conditions, which is why if Hong Kong provides greater clarity it is likely to attract a lot of attention.

Final Thoughts

We are mere days away from Hong Kong entering the Crypto space. Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has already finalized its rulings in regard to retail Crypto traders. Platforms can begin applying for licensing on the 1st of June. What still remains to be seen is how quickly this development takes off, and what effect it will have on the broader Crypto market.

Hong Kong not only wants to incorporate Crypto but also aims to become a WEB3 hub. The aim appears to be to allow the Crypto ecosystem to grow, while simultaneously providing tight regulation. We are going to have to see how this plays out in real terms. Until next time, go well!

Gathering Altcoin Gems, Understanding Timelines & Calculated Decisions

One Of Two

If you are in the Crypto space then you are most likely practicing one of two strategies, or even both. Firstly, there is the approach more common to maxis… the accumulation of Bitcoin or other top-tier coins. Then we have the real altcoin investors. Those looking to secure enormous gains turn to smaller cap coins. Essentially it’s one of two paths. Accept modest gains over time, or up your risk profile.

Moving into lower-cap altcoins during the final stages of a bear market is actually not that risky. There can however be an initial period of volatility. However, appreciation begins to accelerate once the shift has been confirmed. The risk issue is very much aligned with the seasonal behavior of the market. In many ways, entering a good micro-cap altcoin at the right time is actually not that risky, at all.

However, begin accumulating during a market peak, and you are inviting a beating. Doing your best to remain in sync with the market is a very important aspect of altcoin investing. Many choose to focus on their entry and tend to ignore the remainder of the strategy. They feel good because they “got in” at just the right time, and subsequently, are experiencing a surge in portfolio value.

It’s Not Forever

Seeing green across your portfolio is merely a floating profit. Realistically speaking, it could be gone in no time. This is where the majority of altcoin investors make the fatal mistake of celebrating too soon and throwing caution to the wind. However, the closure of a strategy is even more important than the entry. Why? Because it can become fruitless if it is not “harvested”.

This is where an investor with a relatively poor entry can outperform an investor with a perfect entry. Choosing to close the position at the right time is even more important than the perfect entry. It’s a rather simple form of logic, and yet so many seem to be unfamiliar with it. Essentially, altcoins need to be exited, at some point, otherwise the gains are lost. Holding onto altcoins indefinitely is like drilling a hole in your bucket.

Difficult Decisions

Sometimes, the option of holding onto an altcoin is perhaps not that bad of an idea. This however is only applicable if the coin or token in question has some level of influence or income-generating properties. Even still, exiting to some extent is still advisable. Why? Well, you can expect any altcoin to depreciate by 90% during a bear market. This is perhaps a good opportunity to exercise the 50/50 rule.

Let’s look at why this is such a powerful approach, and why I advocate such a decision when markets begin to top out. Let’s say you invested $10K and you managed to top out above a 10X return. Remember, I have addressed this before, 10X is a relatively modest return for an altcoin during a bull market. If, as an investor, you decide that 10X is significant enough, you can close 50% of your position.

What this in fact does is provide a 5X return on your initial investment. You don’t merely regain your $10K, but you are now holding $50K. Simultaneously, you still hold 50% of your investment. This allows the continuation of influence and income on that particular blockchain. HIVE is a good example of such a token. A Hive user will always want to be holding some HIVE. It’s imperative for functionality and securing a form of residual income.

Final Thoughts

Altcoin strategies require rather specific actions. Thinking that you will simply sell when the price peaks are how many investors travel a full cycle… only to find themselves at the bottom of a cycle still holding their bags. Altcoin investing requires a lot of thought and planning. You need specifics, and you need to be vigilant, in regard to adhering to your predefined plan.

Failure to consider and execute such a strategy leaves you neither here nor there. Investing rests rather heavily on discipline, and the undisciplined tend to shipwreck years of accumulation and patience. Hopefully, this cycle will be one of many smart investment decisions. All the best, see you in the next one!

Setting Up A Cash & Savings System Independent Of The Banking System

Trust & The Golden Rule

Whether it comes to saving or investing, diversification is always at the top of the list. Choosing to allocate the majority of your wealth to a single entity or investment is extremely risky, especially in today’s world. One of the smarter ways to diversify is outside of the traditional system. In a world where banking services can be limited, halted, and even shut down, it makes sense to have a backup plan.

Ideally, a couple of backup plans are the way to go. One can never be too safe. Trust in the existing financial system, as well as government structuring and capabilities, are fast eroding. What we have seen unfold in the past three years, in regard to policies and other global events is unparalleled. It appears as if common sense is no longer that common, and many recently incorporated policies and decisions reflect just that.

We have seen the collapse of numerous banking entities, along with financial censorship, most notably in regard to the Canadian truckers. Over the weekend I watched RFK’s address at Bitcoin 2023. He cited this particular event as his aha moment, in regard to Bitcoin. It was this failure of governance, as well as the violation of the constitution that encouraged him toward the idea of Bitcoin.

The Beauty Of A Crypto Cash System

Setting up your own little infrastructure that enables you to save and spend your money without trusting an entity has numerous benefits. Firstly, a financial collapse where services are halted or paused has little to no effect on you, provided you have set up a Crypto alternative. Secondly, Crypto can operate independently via certain apps and services outside of the more traditional realm.

At the same time, Crypto can re-enter the traditional system. However, if the traditional system experiences a halt in services, capital cannot be removed and deployed into a Crypto alternative. Essentially, TradFi is a one-way street, and if the road is blocked… you are pretty much stuck! There is nothing you can do. A Crypto wallet however can continue operating via numerous apps and dApps.

Independently held capital can function independently, as well as under custodianship. However, capital under the control of a custodian is limited to transactions originating solely from that particular custodian. If it gets locked down for whatever reason… it’s game over, at least until services are resumed. This could be a day, a week, or even longer. I operate independently and then utilize banks for payments.

I have no desire to hold capital in a bank. The return is almost non-existent, and the “safe as money in the bank” narrative no longer really applies. Times are changing… and fast. Diversification and self-custody are becoming increasingly more attractive, and even expedient.

Final Thoughts

This is an idea that is far more than simply an option. I believe it’s imperative, even if it’s rather minimal in relation to your existing practices. It’s at least a backup if an event unfolds that is likely to cripple or halt the ability to transact. We have seen some rather concerning events unfold over the past year or two. Situations often tend to escalate, prior to a period of calm, if we are ever to see that again, anytime soon.

Trusting the untrustworthy generally tends to end badly. I would much rather trust myself, and then choose to trust a “service” as required. In other words, I can load the accounts on the apps and dApps I use as I require. Essentially, this means that my capital remains with me… and is deployed only when necessary. These are obviously my own thoughts and preferred methods of operating. As They say, “Each man to his own”. See you in the next one!