Bitcoin Dominance & The Bigger Picture

Bitcoin Dominance Continues To Rise Although there are a number of altcoins that have performed relatively well during this pump, the majority are bleeding against BTC. That’s right, it’s not only the Bitcoin price that is rallying but also the Bitcoin dominance. BTC is… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Dominance & The Bigger Picture”

Market Overview – Crypto Enthusiasts, Looking Like Geniuses Again?

Whipsaw Crypto enthusiasts definitely have one thing going for them, and that’s conviction. Regardless of the MSM narrative, which flips so aggressively, they remain unchanged in their support of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. This obviously results in a very predictable response from society, as… Continue Reading “Market Overview – Crypto Enthusiasts, Looking Like Geniuses Again?”

Adopt Blockchain Or Face Future Exclusion

Sorry Chaps Whether Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet like it or not, Crypto and blockchain are on a tear, regardless of global uncertainty. It’s very much a snowball effect… the bigger it becomes, the faster it moves. The momentum is building up, and the… Continue Reading “Adopt Blockchain Or Face Future Exclusion”

My Thoughts On The Current Bitcoin Price

Satisfaction Well, I must say seeing BTC above $27K does wonders for the soul. It’s been a very long and drawn-out process, hasn’t it? However, as bullish as things appear, and things do look bullish, we may still see a further correction. However, continuation… Continue Reading “My Thoughts On The Current Bitcoin Price”

A Tiny Trading Adjustment That Has Enormous Implications

Often Overlooked Much of a trader’s time is spent searching for setups. This is often exercised as a primary objective, which it is. However, a great setup that is not accompanied by another very important aspect can very easily become a disastrous trade. You… Continue Reading “A Tiny Trading Adjustment That Has Enormous Implications”

The DeFi Dynamic – Enjoying Success Where Many Fail

Avoiding Disappointment For many, their DeFi experience is somewhat of a disappointment. After envisioning a scenario of regular and consistent gains, they are faced with a reality that seems to pale in comparison. Their DeFi tokens have depreciated to such an extent that their… Continue Reading “The DeFi Dynamic – Enjoying Success Where Many Fail”

Bitcoin – The Cornerstone Of The Blockchain Revolution VS CBDCs

Foundations Matter The desired approach of the “elites” and other “influential” latecomers to the Crypto party is to refute Bitcoin in an attempt to recreate the “blockchain explosion”. This is a very predictable response. Usually, influential players simply “purchase” new breakthroughs and technologies. Unfortunately,… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – The Cornerstone Of The Blockchain Revolution VS CBDCs”

Retrospection – The Banking Crisis & The Power Of Antifragility

Prediction Coming To Pass During the course of 2022, I spoke about what I saw unfolding in 2023. One of the recurring themes was a failure within the traditional banking sector. Currently, we are only in the third month of 2023 and it has… Continue Reading “Retrospection – The Banking Crisis & The Power Of Antifragility”

Trading – Experimentation & Realization

The Expected “Unexpected” Dump The past 48 hours have been chaotic in regard to financial markets, as a whole. We have experienced yet another heavy correction for BTC and the broader Crypto market. Fortunately, I have been trading lower time frames of late, and… Continue Reading “Trading – Experimentation & Realization”

Routine – The Mother Of Consistency

Disciplined Structure Doing something when it is convenient is one sure way of choosing not to get much done. When is anything really convenient? This is generally how many choose to approach life outside of the strict requirements placed on them by their employer.… Continue Reading “Routine – The Mother Of Consistency”