Bitcoin Is A Savings Model – Some People Want More…

The Essence Of Bitcoin Bitcoin has often been referred to as a store of value, or digital gold. In essence, it’s a savings mechanism. It’s a way to save and simultaneously grow your capital over time. This naturally encourages the DCA approach, ultimately making… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Is A Savings Model – Some People Want More…”

If You Want To Invest In Altcoins… Build Passive Income Mechanisms

Learn How To Reduce Your Risk Altcoins that go on to produce incredible returns are often unknown and inconspicuous when they are identified by “altcoin hunters”. This simultaneously implies tremendous risk. Altcoin investors often look to the Top 100 (by market cap) when scouting… Continue Reading “If You Want To Invest In Altcoins… Build Passive Income Mechanisms”

Maintaining Consistency During The Downturns Is The “Secret Sauce”

The Tortious & The Hare Something that I have seen to be quite common, and even prevalent within the Crypto space, is the general desire to avoid “process”. Projects look to launch as quickly as possible, as investors seek out almost immediate gains. I… Continue Reading “Maintaining Consistency During The Downturns Is The “Secret Sauce””

Crypto Markets – The Irony Of It All

Volatility & Leverage Within the world of traditional markets, there exists a stern warning to those looking to trade stocks and forex. Many countries actually limit the use of leverage, and some have gone as far as to actually ban certain trading activities. A… Continue Reading “Crypto Markets – The Irony Of It All”

Leveraging Your Best Investment

Immersion Creates Awareness Anyone who chooses to dive into the Crypto space, will over time, become somewhat knowledgeable. Marry that with a keen understanding of technical analysis and emotional intelligence, and you have the makings of a trading machine. Before Crypto existed, it was… Continue Reading “Leveraging Your Best Investment”

The Resilience & Independence Of Hive

It’s Important Something that I have always valued as incredibly important, is independence. Yes, in terms of the business world, partnerships can make the world of difference. Unfortunately, they can also taint and restrict future growth and profitability. We are currently witnessing this very… Continue Reading “The Resilience & Independence Of Hive”

So… More Time To BUIDL Then

You Can Just Imagine The typical no-coiner narrative is out in full force again with a heavy force of “I told you so”. However, this was predicted by every Crypto investor who understands the game. I am not talking about the collapse of FTX… Continue Reading “So… More Time To BUIDL Then”

Twitter – It’s Just Noise To A True Hiver

Hype? I have never been one to be much impressed by hype. In actual fact, I am more prone to ignore something that gets too much attention. This is what drew me to Bitcoin in the first place, all those years ago. Nobody was… Continue Reading “Twitter – It’s Just Noise To A True Hiver”

Is Today’s Work Working For You Tomorrow?

The Essence Of Passive Income Accomplishing a goal or reaching an important stage of your investment journey can be extremely satisfying and even rewarding. Having goals to work towards is a great way to remain motivated and focused on the prize ahead. However, when… Continue Reading “Is Today’s Work Working For You Tomorrow?”

Modest Accumulation – More Powerful Than You Think

A Simple Dynamic Crypto investing is very much a case of sowing and reaping. Bear markets are a time of sowing and accumulation, while bull markets are a time of harvesting. Unless you plant now, there will be nothing to harvest in the next… Continue Reading “Modest Accumulation – More Powerful Than You Think”