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Exploring altcoin projects that are still very much under the radar, as well as altcoins in general.

Future Trends – All Eyes On 2025

Eyes Fixed When looking into the future and preparing for an upcoming bull market, one needs to try and figure out what the narrative will be. Sure, there may be a few key sectors that manage to gain some serious traction. Looking back at… Continue Reading “Future Trends – All Eyes On 2025”

Does Your Altcoin Portfolio Require Adjustment?

Laying The Foundation Going back and studying the data of previous bull markets is a great way to gain some insight and understanding into the performance of particular altcoins. Obviously, newer altcoins don’t have this history to refer to. However, there are quite a… Continue Reading “Does Your Altcoin Portfolio Require Adjustment?”

Bitcoin Dominance & The Bigger Picture

Bitcoin Dominance Continues To Rise Although there are a number of altcoins that have performed relatively well during this pump, the majority are bleeding against BTC. That’s right, it’s not only the Bitcoin price that is rallying but also the Bitcoin dominance. BTC is… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Dominance & The Bigger Picture”

Building & Earning – The Dual Dynamic Of Hive

Realizing The Potential In order to truly make the most of any opportunity, one needs to grasp and understand the opportunity and potential that is on offer. It’s funny how equal opportunities often render such varying results. Hive is one such opportunity where one… Continue Reading “Building & Earning – The Dual Dynamic Of Hive”

Ethereum & The Ancient Delicacies Of Centralization

The Ultimate Anti-Climax Ethereum’s recent shift to POS marked the beginning of what many considered to be a rebirthing, an event that would forever change the course of ETH. However, at least in my opinion, not much has changed. The changes that we do… Continue Reading “Ethereum & The Ancient Delicacies Of Centralization”

Passive Income – The Ultimate Move

Ongoing Project As I discussed in my latest post, choosing rather to create Crypto income models, as opposed to relying on speculation/price appreciation is definitely the superior path to travel, in my opinion. Regular readers will be aware that passive income has been a… Continue Reading “Passive Income – The Ultimate Move”

Finding Value When Value Is Lost – Five Key Points

A Skewed Reality Humans are inherently uncomfortable with uncertainty. Unfortunately, this is the only path one can travel when it comes to investments, especially Crypto. Observing the Crypto market after the carnage of a full-blown bear market is somewhat similar to looking out across… Continue Reading “Finding Value When Value Is Lost – Five Key Points”

LeoThreads Has The Potential To “Capture” Hive

Bittersweet One of the most attractive aspects of Hive is its diversity. There are so many different communities and tribes. Whatever your passion, you are likely to find a community of like-minded individuals nestled somewhere within the Hive ecosystem. There is however also a… Continue Reading “LeoThreads Has The Potential To “Capture” Hive”

Micro-Caps – A Journey Of Discovery & Life-Changing Returns

It’s All About The Risk/Reward Ratio Had we not experienced the covid correction in 2020, Bitcoin would have only experienced very modest returns. Yes, in comparison to other asset classes and investment vehicles, it was still a solid performance. Altcoins on the other hand,… Continue Reading “Micro-Caps – A Journey Of Discovery & Life-Changing Returns”

Cryptocurrency – Preserving Freedoms & Building An Alternative World

A Sensitive World I recently heard of an incident where a restaurant manager suddenly found himself without a job for simply stating that the monkeys that frequented the restaurant he managed were part of the family. Obviously, this restaurant is in a natural location… Continue Reading “Cryptocurrency – Preserving Freedoms & Building An Alternative World”