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Successful Crypto Strategies = Constant Growth &  Adaption

You Never Stop Learning A key indicator that your Crypto journey has not become stagnant is your ability to continue learning. This is evidence of growth, as one requires further understanding and knowledge in order to perfect an already great strategy. If your understanding… Continue Reading “Successful Crypto Strategies = Constant Growth &  Adaption”

How To Harness The Price Performance Of Crypto With Reduced Risk

Short-Term Gains One of the most attractive aspects of Crypto is the investment time frame. Investors generally realize significant gains in little to no time, especially when compared to traditional investment vehicles. What I want to address is perhaps more applicable to trading as… Continue Reading “How To Harness The Price Performance Of Crypto With Reduced Risk”

Don’t Fall For The Trap!

Your First Time? If this is your first Crypto bear market then you might be considering throwing in the towel. After all, alts are still down significantly, regardless of the recent pump to the upside. Not only that but regulatory concerns are on the… Continue Reading “Don’t Fall For The Trap!”

Price Action Can Be Deceptive – Look To The Charts

Charts Display More Than Price Merely observing the price action “in the moment” is extremely deceptive. The previous candles on a low time frame chart mean nothing when measured against the long-term trend. Charts reveal so much more than price. Traders and investors who… Continue Reading “Price Action Can Be Deceptive – Look To The Charts”

The Discipline To Trade

Temperament Is Important Just like with most things in life, certain career paths are better suited to certain temperaments. This is a very important “law of life” which should be considered by anyone looking to trade as a full-time career, or even as a… Continue Reading “The Discipline To Trade”

Binance & FTX Display Why They Are The Top Dogs

The Number One Reason In all my years of business, I have seen businesses and even business empires fall due to one common cause, greed! You can easily identify if you suffer from the same problem. Did you set aside cash/stablecoins during 2021 and… Continue Reading “Binance & FTX Display Why They Are The Top Dogs”

My Next Three Months In Crypto

A Clear Plan No matter what you decide to tackle in life you always need a plan. When I take a closer look at my own analysis of Bitcoin I can see a potential bottom around September. So, I am working around that timeframe.… Continue Reading “My Next Three Months In Crypto”

BTC Is About To Provide Another Trading Opportunity

Predictable Range Bitcoin has been moving in a rather predictable range over the last while and it makes sense that eventually, it will move into a “new zone” This often takes place rather unexpectedly. We saw Bitcoin hit the $32.000 mark recently only to… Continue Reading “BTC Is About To Provide Another Trading Opportunity”

The Trading Hodler

It’s A Trader’s Market The market has clearly shifted in favor of the trader over the past few months. To be honest, it makes sense. Why would you not consider alternative measures when prices plummet. Trading does have that one very specific advantage over… Continue Reading “The Trading Hodler”

Developing Your Own Trading Style & Rule Book

A Reminder Something that I mentioned in a recent post is the fact that many of the top analysts have been wrong more than they have been correct. This is why I made special note of the fact that my analysis is independent. Not… Continue Reading “Developing Your Own Trading Style & Rule Book”