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Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

Distractions Ever since Bitcoin dropped below $30K, many have been calling for the bottom. It was $25K, then $22K. This was followed by the “it will never drop below $20K” narrative. Then we had the crowd at $17.5K, adamantly claiming that it was basically… Continue Reading “Keeping Your Eye On The Prize”

Crypto Markets – The Irony Of It All

Volatility & Leverage Within the world of traditional markets, there exists a stern warning to those looking to trade stocks and forex. Many countries actually limit the use of leverage, and some have gone as far as to actually ban certain trading activities. A… Continue Reading “Crypto Markets – The Irony Of It All”

Leveraging Your Best Investment

Immersion Creates Awareness Anyone who chooses to dive into the Crypto space, will over time, become somewhat knowledgeable. Marry that with a keen understanding of technical analysis and emotional intelligence, and you have the makings of a trading machine. Before Crypto existed, it was… Continue Reading “Leveraging Your Best Investment”

Understanding Leverage – There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

The Leverage Dynamic Aagh… leverage, the wonderful tool that works so well when you are in sync with the market, and so destructively, when you are not. This is the reality that will so often be disguised by greed and selfish ambition. Working with… Continue Reading “Understanding Leverage – There Is No Substitute For Hard Work”

Bitcoin – Relatively Speaking…

Health Check Every so often, it’s advisable to visit your GP for a checkup. This will often incorporate testing one’s blood pressure, sugar levels, and a number of other tests, depending on pre-existing conditions. A similar idea can be applied to financial markets. Gathering… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Relatively Speaking…”

Trading – Securing Consistent Profits

Unpredictably Consistent One thing you can always count on is for the market to continue offering trading opportunities. However, as mentioned before, how and when this takes place is outside of our control. This does pose somewhat of a problem if you are choosing… Continue Reading “Trading – Securing Consistent Profits”

Bitcoin – What’s Happening In The Charts?

Volatility Returns It’s been a bit quiet of late, in regard to Bitcoin and the Crypto market as a whole. However, we have experienced a modest pump during the course of the past 24 hours. Once again, the anticipation of a FED pivot is… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – What’s Happening In The Charts?”

Bitcoin Technical Analysis – An Extensive Deep Dive, What’s Next?

A Word From Hindsight Now, before I get into the state of the current market, I want to revisit my bear market prediction from approximately five months ago. Bitcoin was trading above $30K, as seen in the chart below. Back then I mapped out… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Technical Analysis – An Extensive Deep Dive, What’s Next?”

Bitcoin Needs To Step Into Its True Identity

Bitcoin Revisits Previous Lows Yesterday, we saw quite a significant dump for BTC as the CPI figure came out. Yet another disappointing outcome, as inflation stubbornly refuses to budge. As I have said, expect to see the $19K support being lost. It won’t be… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Needs To Step Into Its True Identity”

Bitcoin – Analysis & The State Of The Market

FED Pivot? The market appears to be getting bullish. However, this seems to be yet another “false” indication. I know that there is a lot of positivity due to a possible FED pivot, and the fact that the whales have once again begun accumulation.… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Analysis & The State Of The Market”