Market Overview – Crypto Enthusiasts, Looking Like Geniuses Again?

Whipsaw Crypto enthusiasts definitely have one thing going for them, and that’s conviction. Regardless of the MSM narrative, which flips so aggressively, they remain unchanged in their support of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. This obviously results in a very predictable response from society, as… Continue Reading “Market Overview – Crypto Enthusiasts, Looking Like Geniuses Again?”

My Thoughts On The Current Bitcoin Price

Satisfaction Well, I must say seeing BTC above $27K does wonders for the soul. It’s been a very long and drawn-out process, hasn’t it? However, as bullish as things appear, and things do look bullish, we may still see a further correction. However, continuation… Continue Reading “My Thoughts On The Current Bitcoin Price”

A Tiny Trading Adjustment That Has Enormous Implications

Often Overlooked Much of a trader’s time is spent searching for setups. This is often exercised as a primary objective, which it is. However, a great setup that is not accompanied by another very important aspect can very easily become a disastrous trade. You… Continue Reading “A Tiny Trading Adjustment That Has Enormous Implications”

Trading – Experimentation & Realization

The Expected “Unexpected” Dump The past 48 hours have been chaotic in regard to financial markets, as a whole. We have experienced yet another heavy correction for BTC and the broader Crypto market. Fortunately, I have been trading lower time frames of late, and… Continue Reading “Trading – Experimentation & Realization”

Trading With Zero Volatility

Create Your Own The last couple of days has been extremely painful in terms of trading. A surfer can identify. It’s like heading off to your favorite swell and the ocean is like a lake. What do you do? Well, a surfer packs up… Continue Reading “Trading With Zero Volatility”

Cryptocurrency – The Maturity Of Objectivity

Time Reveals Much The longer you spend in this space, the more you learn. The more you are able to discern and identify patterns and behaviors of the past. Those who have only been involved in financial markets for a few years are perhaps,… Continue Reading “Cryptocurrency – The Maturity Of Objectivity”

Have You Started Preparing For The Next Bear Market?

Preparation Beats Surprise We are still very much in the current bear market, regardless of what many believe. Trading within the $22K zone is by no means bullish. Once we are trading within the $26K zone and experiencing weekly closes above the $25K zone,… Continue Reading “Have You Started Preparing For The Next Bear Market?”

Reactionary Trading – Every Big Move Has A Countermove

Catching A Big Move It can be rather difficult to catch a big move, especially if it takes place outside of a breakout formation. In other words, an unexpected pump, or dump. This is where the idea of “reactionary trading” comes in. Essentially, this… Continue Reading “Reactionary Trading – Every Big Move Has A Countermove”

Wealth Is Created During Times Of Uncertainty

The Human Mind Unfortunately, the human mind is inherently opposed to the investor mindset. The two are at enmity with one another. An untrained mind that chooses to become involved with investments can only last so long. If the market turns against such an… Continue Reading “Wealth Is Created During Times Of Uncertainty”

Trading Remains A Solid Approach For The Current Market

Strong Movements Significant moves are what generate significant returns. Even though leverage can produce a similar outcome, it doesn’t come without significant risk. These risks are obviously amplified among the less experienced. However, a good move (either way) can provide really attractive returns. Some… Continue Reading “Trading Remains A Solid Approach For The Current Market”