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Important Dynamics At Play To Understand This Pump

Driving Forces What drives a price in any direction is always very important to know and understand. Why? Well, it can offer a lot of insight into the reliability of the pump, and whether it has much chance of continuation. Combine these dynamics together… Continue Reading “Important Dynamics At Play To Understand This Pump”

Bitcoin Update & Analysis

Disappointment & Resistance It’s no secret that investor confidence in the Crypto sector has taken a heavy knock over the past few months. It seems as if every shoe to drop has been of greater consequence than the one before. I think many new… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Update & Analysis”

Bitcoin – Update & Analysis

Tracking Performance Keeping track of analysis and its accuracy, or lack thereof is of vital importance when it comes to honing your efficiency as a trader. Simply consuming analysis and never returning to determine its accuracy is a fool’s errand. This is why there… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Update & Analysis”

Bitcoin Is A Savings Model – Some People Want More…

The Essence Of Bitcoin Bitcoin has often been referred to as a store of value, or digital gold. In essence, it’s a savings mechanism. It’s a way to save and simultaneously grow your capital over time. This naturally encourages the DCA approach, ultimately making… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Is A Savings Model – Some People Want More…”

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

Distractions Ever since Bitcoin dropped below $30K, many have been calling for the bottom. It was $25K, then $22K. This was followed by the “it will never drop below $20K” narrative. Then we had the crowd at $17.5K, adamantly claiming that it was basically… Continue Reading “Keeping Your Eye On The Prize”

Destroying The Bias

So Very Important When bear markets arrive, market participants generally tend to behave exactly as they did during the bull market. In other words, they continue to buy. The narrative changes somewhat, as now a “buy” is considered a bargain. However, it’s simply a… Continue Reading “Destroying The Bias”

A Future With Bitcoin – Lightning Is A Game Changer

Who Would Have Thought? It wasn’t too long ago that El Salvador rolled out Bitcoin as a form of payment and legal tender. Unfortunately, this took place during the highs of 2021, making an already controversial move even more so. Had this move been… Continue Reading “A Future With Bitcoin – Lightning Is A Game Changer”

No Surprises Here – Internet Creator Against WEB3

The Rule Of Opposition People generally tend to oppose something for one of two reasons. Firstly, it is often a dynamic that involves protecting the “Golden Goose”. Heavy opposition often befalls an idea that will somehow cause an existing entity or model to shrink… Continue Reading “No Surprises Here – Internet Creator Against WEB3”

Time To Ramp Up Your Crypto Goals?

2022 – The Year Of Market Carnage We are approaching the close of what has been a rather bleak year in regard to financial markets. Economic concerns, inflation, and political instability have been at the center of much of the pain we have all… Continue Reading “Time To Ramp Up Your Crypto Goals?”

Bitcoin – Relatively Speaking…

Health Check Every so often, it’s advisable to visit your GP for a checkup. This will often incorporate testing one’s blood pressure, sugar levels, and a number of other tests, depending on pre-existing conditions. A similar idea can be applied to financial markets. Gathering… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Relatively Speaking…”