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Litecoin’s Halving Set To Propell LTC Back Into The Top 10

Free Entertainment One of the most entertaining aspects of Crypto-based social media has been the opinion of influencers, as well as their audiences, in regard to Litecoin. “Litecoin is dead”, is what you are likely to hear anytime LTC is mentioned. However, even as… Continue Reading “Litecoin’s Halving Set To Propell LTC Back Into The Top 10”

Switch To A Multi-Niche Model – Trading, Content Creation & Passive Income

The Entrepreneurial Life Cryptoneurs are like most other online entrepreneurs, in that they learn to set up and establish multiple income sources. Very few choose to depend on a single income source, but rather go about building and establishing multiple sources of income. This… Continue Reading “Switch To A Multi-Niche Model – Trading, Content Creation & Passive Income”

Markets, Trading & Preparation

Overview The markets have been somewhat ambiguous over the past few weeks, and even months. I have avoided trading during this period. However, I am expecting some volatility soon, and as a result, have begun making preparations for some fresh trading activity. Tomorrow is… Continue Reading “Markets, Trading & Preparation”

Bitcoin Ordinals & BRC-20 Tokens Encouraging Lightning Adoption

Creativity Or Spam? The recent spike in BTC transaction fees has left many a Bitcoin maxi rather unimpressed. Many argue that what is currently taking place in regard to Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens is nothing but spam, and unnecessarily clogging up the network. I… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Ordinals & BRC-20 Tokens Encouraging Lightning Adoption”

Investments That Generate Passive Income – What Matters Most?

The Same Page Firstly, a common misunderstanding in regard to passive income, is that it requires investment. This is not necessarily the case. Although I will be addressing this particular aspect of passive income, it is also important to bear in mind that this… Continue Reading “Investments That Generate Passive Income – What Matters Most?”

TradFi – More Than The Erosion Of Trust

You Can Take That To The Bank! A bank is an institution that will lend you money, provided you can prove that you don’t need it. I have known people with assets and investments who have been refused a loan before. It sounds like… Continue Reading “TradFi – More Than The Erosion Of Trust”

The Banking Collapse Of 2023 Heats Up…

Here We Go Again Yesterday, we experienced yet another collapse within the banking sector. A collapse many were not expecting. This is perhaps due to a statement made earlier by the CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon. According to Dimon, the domino effect of… Continue Reading “The Banking Collapse Of 2023 Heats Up…”

A Structured HBD Strategy

Looking Back Last year, I published an article entitled, “HBD – The Most Reliable Wealth Creation Tool Of 2022”. This was of course addressing Hive’s stablecoin, which was clearly the best Crypto investment of 2022. All other DeFi investments suffered tremendous losses. However, being… Continue Reading “A Structured HBD Strategy”

Bitcoin Maxis – True Dedication Or Fanaticism?

Not Quite The Same The manifestations of dedication and fanaticism are almost identical in appearance. However, in nature, they are worlds apart. It has often been suggested that maximalists are somewhat fanatical in nature, and have an unrealistic viewpoint when it comes to the… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Maxis – True Dedication Or Fanaticism?”

Altcoin Gems – The Aspect Of Relativity & Initiation

Tried & True One of the best ways for anyone to get ahead in their Crypto journey is to identify and accumulate the “winners of tomorrow”. This often becomes exceptionally risky, as it is often a case of “all or nothing”. I have previously… Continue Reading “Altcoin Gems – The Aspect Of Relativity & Initiation”