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Litecoin’s Halving Set To Propell LTC Back Into The Top 10

Free Entertainment One of the most entertaining aspects of Crypto-based social media has been the opinion of influencers, as well as their audiences, in regard to Litecoin. “Litecoin is dead”, is what you are likely to hear anytime LTC is mentioned. However, even as… Continue Reading “Litecoin’s Halving Set To Propell LTC Back Into The Top 10”

Hotbit – Another CEX To Cease Operations

Altcoin Hunters Of 2020 If you were an altcoin investor during 2019 and 2020 then you were most likely quite familiar with Hotbit. Prior to KuCoin, Hotbit was one of the few CEXs one could find up-and-coming altcoin projects. Not only that, but Hotbit… Continue Reading “Hotbit – Another CEX To Cease Operations”

Layer 1s In The Next Bull Market – 5 Chains To Dominate?

So, Where Were We? Prior to all the carnage that came packaged together with the bear market of 2022, layer 1s had somewhat of a “predictable” path mapped out. The two top dogs were ETH and Solana, and I think many expected this trend… Continue Reading “Layer 1s In The Next Bull Market – 5 Chains To Dominate?”

Revisiting Solana

Association Can Be A Killer While everything was going well with FTX, or at least appearing to, Solana was basking in the “glory” of being endorsed by one of the most influential personalities in Crypto. This was unfortunately short-lived, and the collapse of FTX… Continue Reading “Revisiting Solana”

Cosmos – Interoperability & Staking “Wonderland”

The Internet Of Blockchains Cosmos (ATOM) is a project that managed to catch my attention back in 2020. At one point, I was watching it quite closely and even published a few articles about the chain and its expanding ecosystem. There were two main… Continue Reading “Cosmos – Interoperability & Staking “Wonderland””

What Qualifies As A Good Crypto investment?

Qualification Is Not What It Use To Be If you asked someone this question during previous cycles you were likely to get a very standard and simple answer. The typical answer was: If it solves a problem and has a relatively strong community, it’s… Continue Reading “What Qualifies As A Good Crypto investment?”

Decentralization Becomes Imperative In 2023

The Golden Thread Decentralization has always been something that Crypto purists have held in high esteem, and for good reason. This has been my motivation, especially, in regard to blockchains like Hive, Ravencoin, and a few others. There are no guarantees when it comes… Continue Reading “Decentralization Becomes Imperative In 2023”

Still To Make Its Mark?

Centralized Implosion Last year was an absolute disaster on so many fronts and in so many ways. Ultimately, we witnessed the devastating effects of centralization, and just how dangerous it really is. There is no such thing as “too big to fail” when it… Continue Reading “Still To Make Its Mark?”

The Layer 1 Dilemma

Amazing Returns Layer 1 blockchains have been at the forefront of securing spectacular gains for investors ever since Ethereum launched at $0.31. Projects such as Solana, Cardano, and BNB have all gone on to secure enormous gains. Yes, even at current prices, Solana is… Continue Reading “The Layer 1 Dilemma”

Another Very Important Bear Market Lesson

The Learning Never Ends If you endeavor to continue learning and growing, you have to realize that your current understanding is limited. It may well be extremely thorough and in-depth but that definitely doesn’t imply that it is complete. I don’t actually believe in… Continue Reading “Another Very Important Bear Market Lesson”