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Adapt & Survive

A Law Of Nature In the world of technology and finance, remaining relevant is crucial. Crypto manages to marry these two sectors in a rather unique way, which places even more pressure on Crypto projects to remain relevant. You will note that many projects… Continue Reading “Adapt & Survive”

ETH Just Made Me More Bullish On Certain Layer 1 Alternatives

A Done Deal Well, the ETH Merge is now history and proved to be a bit of a non-event, in terms of price appreciation. With the price of ETH currently trading at the $1300 level, I am sure there are a few disappointed investors… Continue Reading “ETH Just Made Me More Bullish On Certain Layer 1 Alternatives”

I Never Bought This Pump – Here’s What I Did Instead

You Are Missing Out When you have spent hours upon hours of ongoing research and analysis you begin to develop a certain conviction. A conviction that is based upon data, which at times, may appear to be incorrect, at least to the bystanders. However,… Continue Reading “I Never Bought This Pump – Here’s What I Did Instead”

Solana & Avalanche – Powerplays For 2025

The Ongoing Battle I am sure that many will agree that ETH will continue to dominate the layer 1 space, especially with the shift to POS. Many are excluded from utilizing ETH-based projects due to exorbitant gas fees. The shift to proof-of-stake is expected… Continue Reading “Solana & Avalanche – Powerplays For 2025”

Where I Stand When It Comes To Layer 1s

Ethereum & “ETH Killers” Looking at ETH and the challenges it has faced over the years, it still remains dominant despite multiple hurdles. It does appear as if ETH is the market’s “darling” when it comes to layer 1’s. I must be honest, I… Continue Reading “Where I Stand When It Comes To Layer 1s”

Cardano Under $0.55 – Now We Can Start Talking!

Previously Overvalued It’s rather difficult to believe that Cardano was trading above $3 last year and is currently trading at approximately $0.53 at the time of writing. I have gone on record stating that ADA was way overpriced above $3 and that I simply… Continue Reading “Cardano Under $0.55 – Now We Can Start Talking!”

The Current BTC Price – Opportunity Not Despondency

Working With The Market I am sure that BTC is currently causing many to become a little despondent, perhaps even unmotivated to continue. It is surprising to see how quickly faith can be lost when challenges arise. This is however how markets operate and… Continue Reading “The Current BTC Price – Opportunity Not Despondency”