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Cardano – Looking More Like The Obvious Choice For 2025

Quick Recap Cardano is a project that I became increasingly long-term bullish on once it reached the $0.40 price zone. ADA is currently trading at approximately $0.33 at the time of writing. During the course of 2021, I felt as if the meteoric rise… Continue Reading “Cardano – Looking More Like The Obvious Choice For 2025”

Hedging Your Ethereum Investment

A New Chapter The Merge marks a new chapter in the evolution and progression of Ethereum. Although, some would not necessarily consider a shift to POS progression. Either way, it signals a new phase, and hopefully one that will be beneficial. I personally began… Continue Reading “Hedging Your Ethereum Investment”

Cardano Under $0.55 – Now We Can Start Talking!

Previously Overvalued It’s rather difficult to believe that Cardano was trading above $3 last year and is currently trading at approximately $0.53 at the time of writing. I have gone on record stating that ADA was way overpriced above $3 and that I simply… Continue Reading “Cardano Under $0.55 – Now We Can Start Talking!”

Peer2Profit – How Was My 1ST Payment Experience?

A HoneyGain Alternative Peer2Profit is a service exactly like HoneyGain. Users can monetize their unused bandwidth and get paid out in Crypto. What does make Peer2Profit quite unique in comparison to HoneyGain and other similar opportunities is that the minimum withdrawal is only $2!… Continue Reading “Peer2Profit – How Was My 1ST Payment Experience?”

One Of The Strangest Dynamics In Crypto

It Somehow Always Returns To Price There is always a lot going on in the Cryptoverse at any given time. Even when prices are down or suppressed the builders and developers are busy creating future opportunities. Essentially, the DeFi space was conceived during the… Continue Reading “One Of The Strangest Dynamics In Crypto”

If It’s Passive – It Can’t Be A Waste Of Time!

An Important Element Of Crypto Income Well, it’s actually an important element of any form of income! Time, it’s the one asset you can never replace or “earn”. You only have so much of it and it’s important to use it as wisely as… Continue Reading “If It’s Passive – It Can’t Be A Waste Of Time!”

Why Proof Of Stake Is Superior To Staking

Similar & Yet So Different Being able to stake a coin is always a great benefit to have as an option but that does not necessarily make the coin a POS (proof of stake) blockchain. Many coins and tokens now offer a staking reward… Continue Reading “Why Proof Of Stake Is Superior To Staking”

Solana – About To Breakout?

It’s Been A Harsh Few Months Alts in general have suffered quite extensively over the past few months and Top 10 project Solana is definitely not excluded. Solana experienced many challenges over this period, which obviously didn’t help much to counteract the general market… Continue Reading “Solana – About To Breakout?”

Update – Modest Accumulation Continues

Bull Or Bear? To be honest, it is still a very debatable topic, and the fact that there is uncertainty perhaps points to neither. I have been watching the price action fairly closely in the hope that this current wonky inverse head and shoulders… Continue Reading “Update – Modest Accumulation Continues”

Two Bullish Scenarios For ETH

A Trade Everyone Seems To Be In Despite the high gas fees and numerous other hurdles, Ethereum continues to reign as the layer 1 of most hope. Although you will often hear many complaints regarding gas fees, the Crypto community continues to hold and… Continue Reading “Two Bullish Scenarios For ETH”