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Another Bear Market – Another Victory For BNB!

It’s Not The First Time For those who were around and paying attention during the previous bear market, you would have noted that BNB outperformed BTC. That’s right, an altcoin performed better in a bear market than Bitcoin! I am sure that you can… Continue Reading “Another Bear Market – Another Victory For BNB!”

The Rise Of FTX’s FTT Token

Steadily Climbing The Ranks Amidst all the recent carnage, FTX’s FTT token has managed to edge its way higher in terms of market cap ranking. FTT is now on the verge of entering the Top 20, whereas little over a month ago FTT was… Continue Reading “The Rise Of FTX’s FTT Token”

Where I See Quality In This Market

Discerning Without Action Is Futile In 2018 I was still a business owner and customers that entered my store often received the Bitcoin punt from me. In 2018 the price of BTC was in an excellent accumulation zone and even though I was so… Continue Reading “Where I See Quality In This Market”