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Creating Wealth On The Blockchain

The “Value” Shift I have seen @taskmaster4450 often refer to what is happening within the Crypto space as the age of abundance, or the economy of abundance. I have often referred to it as the “incentivized economy”. However you choose to view it, one… Continue Reading “Creating Wealth On The Blockchain”

Leofinance – A Point Of Reference

Crypto Twitter Is A Joke Apart from a handful of accounts, CT is an absolute joke. I could never spend endless hours perusing the content that is consumed and published on CT. For the most part, it’s just a continuous flow of single isolated… Continue Reading “Leofinance – A Point Of Reference”

Crypto – It’s Time For The Speculators To Make Way For The Earners

No Stability To Be Found Financial markets and economies are in a state of chaos, despite the reassurances being offered by certain politicians and the like. I understand that the primary objective is not to cause alarm and panic. However, how can citizens prepare… Continue Reading “Crypto – It’s Time For The Speculators To Make Way For The Earners”

ETH Just Made Me More Bullish On Certain Layer 1 Alternatives

A Done Deal Well, the ETH Merge is now history and proved to be a bit of a non-event, in terms of price appreciation. With the price of ETH currently trading at the $1300 level, I am sure there are a few disappointed investors… Continue Reading “ETH Just Made Me More Bullish On Certain Layer 1 Alternatives”

Ideas For The Next Cycle Top

Staying Ahead Of The Pack If you wish to capitalize and take full advantage of the next cycle peak, then you have to begin formulating strategies now. Being ahead of the market will often appear as being “out of touch”. When I look at… Continue Reading “Ideas For The Next Cycle Top”

Time To Rethink Your Crypto Income Strategy?

The Birthplace Of Creativity When markets move lower than expected, and for longer than expected, many find themselves in a challenging position. Simply buying Crypto assets as a speculator is not something that is going to be paying off anytime soon. Forget about 20%… Continue Reading “Time To Rethink Your Crypto Income Strategy?”

HBD – A High-Interest Savings Account You Actually Own

Savings Or Investment? Savings accounts usually pay extremely low-interest rates. It is actually rather difficult to think of them as savings accounts, especially when you consider inflation. If inflation is actually eating away at your savings over time then you aren’t actually saving, are… Continue Reading “HBD – A High-Interest Savings Account You Actually Own”

Bull Market Strategy – Do You Have A Plan?

It’s Never Too Early Planning your strategic approach to the next bull market is something that should begin now, while your emotions are safe. It’s actually the best time to begin considering how you are going to navigate your way through the next euphoric… Continue Reading “Bull Market Strategy – Do You Have A Plan?”

Selling Your Unused Bandwidth For Crypto?

Yet Another Opportunity This might not necessarily be something that everyone would consider, but for those looking to monetize their unused bandwidth, there are a couple of opportunities out there worth considering. Many are open to the idea of setting up small passive income… Continue Reading “Selling Your Unused Bandwidth For Crypto?”

Capturing Value – The Root Of Wealth Creation

Gaining An Advantage When projects are heavily discounted in a bear market it is often tempting to choose the most battered coins and tokens. The reasoning here is that a return to previous highs will ultimately increase your profit margin. This can sometimes work… Continue Reading “Capturing Value – The Root Of Wealth Creation”