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If You Want To Invest In Altcoins… Build Passive Income Mechanisms

Learn How To Reduce Your Risk Altcoins that go on to produce incredible returns are often unknown and inconspicuous when they are identified by “altcoin hunters”. This simultaneously implies tremendous risk. Altcoin investors often look to the Top 100 (by market cap) when scouting… Continue Reading “If You Want To Invest In Altcoins… Build Passive Income Mechanisms”

2022 – The Year Of Legendary & Powerful “Shorts”

The Beauty Of Hindsight Looking back in hindsight can be one of the most powerful and teachable moments for a trader or investor. However, decisions made in the present need to be accurate, in order for the future to validate them. This is obviously… Continue Reading “2022 – The Year Of Legendary & Powerful “Shorts””

Solana – Still A Potential Investment Opportunity?

Tied To A Sinking Ship When the ship goes down, it takes everything down with it that is in some way connected to it. This is the story of Solana and the Titanic, Known as FTX. What an incredibly sad moment for Crypto. Sad,… Continue Reading “Solana – Still A Potential Investment Opportunity?”

Understanding Leverage – There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

The Leverage Dynamic Aagh… leverage, the wonderful tool that works so well when you are in sync with the market, and so destructively, when you are not. This is the reality that will so often be disguised by greed and selfish ambition. Working with… Continue Reading “Understanding Leverage – There Is No Substitute For Hard Work”

Hive Backed Dollars Continue To Capture My Passive Income Fascination

The More I Consider HBD I have written a number of articles in relation to Hive’s Hive Backed Dollar and have even mentioned that HBD was the most solid passive income earner during the course of 2022. As I mentioned, high returns on an… Continue Reading “Hive Backed Dollars Continue To Capture My Passive Income Fascination”

Bull Market Strategy – Do You Have A Plan?

It’s Never Too Early Planning your strategic approach to the next bull market is something that should begin now, while your emotions are safe. It’s actually the best time to begin considering how you are going to navigate your way through the next euphoric… Continue Reading “Bull Market Strategy – Do You Have A Plan?”

CeFi – Will Confidence Return?

When The Tide Goes Out It’s all fun in the sun when the tide is up and everyone is enjoying the yields of the lending world. However, just like everything else, the tide too must turn. Summer eventually gives way to winter and a… Continue Reading “CeFi – Will Confidence Return?”

Bitcoin – It’s Business As Usual

Remain On The Side Of Facts There are so many dynamics that need to be factored into the state of financial markets at the moment. However, there is something that you need to really meditate upon! Bitcoin has historically retraced more than 80% every… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – It’s Business As Usual”

Binance & FTX Display Why They Are The Top Dogs

The Number One Reason In all my years of business, I have seen businesses and even business empires fall due to one common cause, greed! You can easily identify if you suffer from the same problem. Did you set aside cash/stablecoins during 2021 and… Continue Reading “Binance & FTX Display Why They Are The Top Dogs”