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AI Continues To Dominate – Double Digit Pumps!

Trending Again! Well, it seems as if AI-based projects are experiencing another surge today. The past month, in particular, has been an incredibly profitable time for investors, as AI has been dominating the Crypto market. Many of these projects still fall into the micro-cap… Continue Reading “AI Continues To Dominate – Double Digit Pumps!”

The Health Sector & Blockchain

Accuracy & Simplification Two very important aspects of blockchain-based alternatives are accuracy and simplification. Blockchain-based models aim to simplify processes, ultimately removing friction and unnecessary time consumption. In a busy world, this is attractive to pretty much every sector and avenue of life. Reliability… Continue Reading “The Health Sector & Blockchain”

An Important Key To Seeking Altcoin Alpha – True Relevance

Altcoin Gems? Identifying future altcoin gems is something that often tends to get a lot of attention. However, the motives behind many of these “ideas” are often quite questionable, to say the least. The altcoin market now holds in excess of 21K coins and… Continue Reading “An Important Key To Seeking Altcoin Alpha – True Relevance”