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DeFi – Decentralized finance incorporates farming/liquidity mining and staking in order to generate exceptional yields on invested assets.

CUB Finance – Compounding Against The Curve

Launch Day Nostalgia I am not sure how many of you were actively engaged when CUB launched back in early 2021. It was quite a tremendous blast-off, I can remember that much! CUB managed to breach $12 within the first 48 hours, completely outperforming… Continue Reading “CUB Finance – Compounding Against The Curve”

Investing & Spending – How I Marry The Two

Is That Even Possible One of the most basic principles in finance is that you can’t become wealthy by spending. It seems pretty basic and yet we are surrounded by many poor, rich individuals. Rich because they earn a sizable income and poor because… Continue Reading “Investing & Spending – How I Marry The Two”

The Metaverse & Bitcoin As Digital Real Estate

The Saylor Narrative I am sure by now you will have heard Michael Saylor refer to Bitcoin as the new “real estate” of the future. Michael is very strong in his view that Bitcoin is the highest form of property ownership the world has… Continue Reading “The Metaverse & Bitcoin As Digital Real Estate”

How To Set Up Polygon On Metamask

Essential For DeFi If you are utilizing the wonderful world of DeFi then you are probably quite familiar with Metamask, a browser extension. Metamask is a non-custodial wallet that can simultaneously be utilized to authorize and sign transactions on DeFi platforms and smart contracts.… Continue Reading “How To Set Up Polygon On Metamask”

Dopamine – DeFi-Centered Mobile Wallet/App

Finance 3.0 Dopamine is a new wallet that has recently launched, sporting over 1 million downloads prior to the distribution of the DOPE token. The mobile wallet and app aims to marry DeFi and self custody, as well as market related applications. Crypto users… Continue Reading “Dopamine – DeFi-Centered Mobile Wallet/App”

How To Avoid Impermanent Loss When Yield Farming

Attractive Gains Met By Significant Loss Many people have chosen to avoid the whole idea of yield farming or liquidity mining due to the significant risks associated with the sector. These risks generally exclude impermanent loss, which even many Crypto users are unaware of.… Continue Reading “How To Avoid Impermanent Loss When Yield Farming”

The Crypto Wealthy Mindset

One Man’s Wealth Is Another Man’s Poverty Wealth means different things to different people but at the end of the day, true wealth means having more than you need, complemented by freedom, health and a great lifestyle. The accumulation of financial wealth is however… Continue Reading “The Crypto Wealthy Mindset”