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Litecoin’s Halving Set To Propell LTC Back Into The Top 10

Free Entertainment One of the most entertaining aspects of Crypto-based social media has been the opinion of influencers, as well as their audiences, in regard to Litecoin. “Litecoin is dead”, is what you are likely to hear anytime LTC is mentioned. However, even as… Continue Reading “Litecoin’s Halving Set To Propell LTC Back Into The Top 10”

Switch To A Multi-Niche Model – Trading, Content Creation & Passive Income

The Entrepreneurial Life Cryptoneurs are like most other online entrepreneurs, in that they learn to set up and establish multiple income sources. Very few choose to depend on a single income source, but rather go about building and establishing multiple sources of income. This… Continue Reading “Switch To A Multi-Niche Model – Trading, Content Creation & Passive Income”

Markets, Trading & Preparation

Overview The markets have been somewhat ambiguous over the past few weeks, and even months. I have avoided trading during this period. However, I am expecting some volatility soon, and as a result, have begun making preparations for some fresh trading activity. Tomorrow is… Continue Reading “Markets, Trading & Preparation”

Goals – Living Off Of Passive Crypto Income Post 2025

An Achievable Goal? Many of us are absolutely captured by the idea of living off of passive income, and not just any form of passive income, but income generated via creativity within the Crypto space. This is to many their number one goal, and… Continue Reading “Goals – Living Off Of Passive Crypto Income Post 2025”

Hong Kong About To Play Its Master Move

Times Of Uncertainty Crypto regulation is currently a bit of a global sore point, especially in the US. The clampdown has been rather heavy, and there appears to be no sign of abating anytime soon. The SEC, in particular, has chosen not to release… Continue Reading “Hong Kong About To Play Its Master Move”

Hotbit – Another CEX To Cease Operations

Altcoin Hunters Of 2020 If you were an altcoin investor during 2019 and 2020 then you were most likely quite familiar with Hotbit. Prior to KuCoin, Hotbit was one of the few CEXs one could find up-and-coming altcoin projects. Not only that, but Hotbit… Continue Reading “Hotbit – Another CEX To Cease Operations”

Dysfunctionality Is At The Core Of Market Functionality

Financial Markets No matter which financial market you are trading, they all share a very particular similarity, and that is unpredictability. If, as market participants, we knew the direction of any particular market, trading would be a breeze. However, as I am sure you… Continue Reading “Dysfunctionality Is At The Core Of Market Functionality”

The Amalgamation Of Crypto & TradFi

Systems, Protocols & Control Regardless of whether you are looking at TradFi or Crypto, the power struggle is still very much a part of the game. The way of the world is control. He who has control has the ability to leverage and create… Continue Reading “The Amalgamation Of Crypto & TradFi”

Shorting Memecoins – Avoiding The Number 1 Mistake

Feeding Frenzy Just as everyone jumps on the bandwagon of a mooning memecoin, there are also those waiting to ride it down in a short position. For those unfamiliar with shorting, It’s basically a typical “BUY” order in reverse. Simply put, the trade becomes… Continue Reading “Shorting Memecoins – Avoiding The Number 1 Mistake”

The Banking Collapse Of 2023 Heats Up…

Here We Go Again Yesterday, we experienced yet another collapse within the banking sector. A collapse many were not expecting. This is perhaps due to a statement made earlier by the CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon. According to Dimon, the domino effect of… Continue Reading “The Banking Collapse Of 2023 Heats Up…”