It’s Time To Get Back To Trading

Busy With Investment Ideas I have not been that active in terms of actual trading for some time now. I had chosen to focus on building passive income mechanisms, research, and creating content. However, looking back on many of my predictions and trade ideas… Continue Reading “It’s Time To Get Back To Trading”

Update – Modest Accumulation Continues

Bull Or Bear? To be honest, it is still a very debatable topic, and the fact that there is uncertainty perhaps points to neither. I have been watching the price action fairly closely in the hope that this current wonky inverse head and shoulders… Continue Reading “Update – Modest Accumulation Continues”

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Fantom – A Great Opportunity!

It’s All About Your Perspective The recent news regarding Andre Cronje and his decision to call it quits has hit Fantom fairly hard. However, it is not as bad as you may think. I began accumulating FTM again at approximately $1.35, which turned out… Continue Reading “Fantom – A Great Opportunity!”

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Two Bullish Scenarios For ETH

A Trade Everyone Seems To Be In Despite the high gas fees and numerous other hurdles, Ethereum continues to reign as the layer 1 of most hope. Although you will often hear many complaints regarding gas fees, the Crypto community continues to hold and… Continue Reading “Two Bullish Scenarios For ETH”

What I am Buying Now & Why

The Recent Disappointment I must say that I was personally hoping that the bullish action at $70K would have gone on for another month or so. It would have been the perfect exit point for my medium-term holds that I have been waiting to… Continue Reading “What I am Buying Now & Why”

How Buying A Coin Can Equate To Buying A Business

Perspective & Mindset When you really start to examine Crypto success stories that were calculated, in other words, the individuals involved actually set out to succeed. You begin to see how much the mindset and perspective of a person can either enhance or limit… Continue Reading “How Buying A Coin Can Equate To Buying A Business”