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On-Chain Data Requires Additional Data

Increased Transparency On-chain data is a very important data point when it comes to trading and investing in Crypto. When you consider that a public ledger enables so much transparency, especially when compared to traditional investment vehicles, it makes sense that investors will want… Continue Reading “On-Chain Data Requires Additional Data”

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Update – Modest Accumulation Continues

Bull Or Bear? To be honest, it is still a very debatable topic, and the fact that there is uncertainty perhaps points to neither. I have been watching the price action fairly closely in the hope that this current wonky inverse head and shoulders… Continue Reading “Update – Modest Accumulation Continues”

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Impure Bitcoin – Is This Going To Become An Issue?

Transactional History Unlike fiat currency, a public ledger reveals the history of Bitcoin transactions. This is both a blessing and a curse, which can be used either positively or negatively. There has been some talk over the years that perhaps Bitcoin might succumb to… Continue Reading “Impure Bitcoin – Is This Going To Become An Issue?”