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Regulatory Uncertainty Enhances Market Weakness – An Easy Hand To Play

Driving Forces Markets are directed by rather simple dynamics, which are in many ways aimed at influencing the emotions of market participants. If you want to see the price of tomatoes go through the roof, create a shortage. If you want to see the… Continue Reading “Regulatory Uncertainty Enhances Market Weakness – An Easy Hand To Play”

The Dollar – Investors Vote With Their Wallets

DXY Continues To Surge It has long been said that in times of trouble and uncertainty, investors move into gold, as a safe haven asset. This trend has been silently dying, in my opinion. The idea that gold is no longer a store of… Continue Reading “The Dollar – Investors Vote With Their Wallets”

Bitcoin – Let’s Get Back To The Charts

Time For An Update I have not presented any technical analysis for a week or so, due to the fact that nothing had really changed. In many ways that is still the case. There are a number of traders out there who are becoming… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Let’s Get Back To The Charts”

Creating Wealth On The Blockchain

The “Value” Shift I have seen @taskmaster4450 often refer to what is happening within the Crypto space as the age of abundance, or the economy of abundance. I have often referred to it as the “incentivized economy”. However you choose to view it, one… Continue Reading “Creating Wealth On The Blockchain”

Leofinance – A Point Of Reference

Crypto Twitter Is A Joke Apart from a handful of accounts, CT is an absolute joke. I could never spend endless hours perusing the content that is consumed and published on CT. For the most part, it’s just a continuous flow of single isolated… Continue Reading “Leofinance – A Point Of Reference”

Regulation – Governments Accidently Initiate Population Restructuring

The Push Continues There has been a lot of talk regarding the proposed banning of algo-based stablecoins in the US. This may come as a surprise to some, but for the majority of us, we have been expecting this, and more! This is the… Continue Reading “Regulation – Governments Accidently Initiate Population Restructuring”

Crypto – It’s Time For The Speculators To Make Way For The Earners

No Stability To Be Found Financial markets and economies are in a state of chaos, despite the reassurances being offered by certain politicians and the like. I understand that the primary objective is not to cause alarm and panic. However, how can citizens prepare… Continue Reading “Crypto – It’s Time For The Speculators To Make Way For The Earners”

Bitcoin Dominance – It’s Not Quite As It Seems

Generally A Good Indicator Bitcoin dominance is often utilized, especially by traders looking to discern the next altcoin season or rally. It has been a fairly good indicator over the years and still holds incredible importance when it comes to navigating the altcoin market.… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Dominance – It’s Not Quite As It Seems”

Hive’s Unique Power On The Blockchain

Something To Remember Hugely successful ideas are often quite similar to already existing ideas, except, they often have a very unique and even particular angle. Businesses centered around service delivery are often fairly similar. However, when you isolate the leader of the pack, you… Continue Reading “Hive’s Unique Power On The Blockchain”

ETH Just Made Me More Bullish On Certain Layer 1 Alternatives

A Done Deal Well, the ETH Merge is now history and proved to be a bit of a non-event, in terms of price appreciation. With the price of ETH currently trading at the $1300 level, I am sure there are a few disappointed investors… Continue Reading “ETH Just Made Me More Bullish On Certain Layer 1 Alternatives”