Cosmos – Interoperability & Staking “Wonderland”

The Internet Of Blockchains Cosmos (ATOM) is a project that managed to catch my attention back in 2020. At one point, I was watching it quite closely and even published a few articles about the chain and its expanding ecosystem. There were two main… Continue Reading “Cosmos – Interoperability & Staking “Wonderland””

Living off Crypto & The Future Redundancy Of Traditional Employment

Dedication Or Compulsion? Individuals all around the world wake up each day to devote themselves to their jobs and careers. I say jobs as well as careers, for they are quite different in nature, especially when considering the unique motivation behind each of them.… Continue Reading “Living off Crypto & The Future Redundancy Of Traditional Employment”

Overcoming The Hurdles Of Crypto On-Ramps

A Growing Concern As regulatory pressure continues to mount, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Crypto on-ramps are a concern to both the FED and regulators. Resistance is often a deterrent for many, so, make something difficult enough and activity is likely to decline.… Continue Reading “Overcoming The Hurdles Of Crypto On-Ramps”

Time To Consider Hive’s DPOS & HBD As Staking Income Generators

Great Passive Income Staking has become a relatively easy way for the average Crypto investor to generate some additional passive income. However, the recent “attack” by the SEC has shut down numerous “staking services”, leaving many to seek out alternative ways to generate the… Continue Reading “Time To Consider Hive’s DPOS & HBD As Staking Income Generators”

A Wage Is Earned… Wealth Is Created…

The Limitations Of Human Effort No matter who you are working for, you are going to face two very real obstacles to generating wealth. Firstly, a human limitation as to how many hours you are able to work, and secondly, a limitation as to… Continue Reading “A Wage Is Earned… Wealth Is Created…”

Blockchains That Empower – The Future Of Wealth Creation & The Eradication Of Poverty

An Enormous Accomplishment Recently I came across an article written by @arcange in which he details his journey of acquiring whale status on the Hive blockchain. Those unfamiliar with Hive will perhaps not be able to appreciate the magnitude of this accomplishment. However, it… Continue Reading “Blockchains That Empower – The Future Of Wealth Creation & The Eradication Of Poverty”

The DeFi Dynamic – Enjoying Success Where Many Fail

Avoiding Disappointment For many, their DeFi experience is somewhat of a disappointment. After envisioning a scenario of regular and consistent gains, they are faced with a reality that seems to pale in comparison. Their DeFi tokens have depreciated to such an extent that their… Continue Reading “The DeFi Dynamic – Enjoying Success Where Many Fail”

Is Financial Independence Truly Achievable?

The Motivation & Aim Of Many People spend the majority of their lives working, as well as preparing for the working world. School and study years are primarily a time of preparation. In essence, the first 60 to 65 years of a person’s life… Continue Reading “Is Financial Independence Truly Achievable?”

Building & Earning – The Dual Dynamic Of Hive

Realizing The Potential In order to truly make the most of any opportunity, one needs to grasp and understand the opportunity and potential that is on offer. It’s funny how equal opportunities often render such varying results. Hive is one such opportunity where one… Continue Reading “Building & Earning – The Dual Dynamic Of Hive”

Passive Income – The Ultimate Move

Ongoing Project As I discussed in my latest post, choosing rather to create Crypto income models, as opposed to relying on speculation/price appreciation is definitely the superior path to travel, in my opinion. Regular readers will be aware that passive income has been a… Continue Reading “Passive Income – The Ultimate Move”