Successful Crypto Strategies = Constant Growth &  Adaption

You Never Stop Learning A key indicator that your Crypto journey has not become stagnant is your ability to continue learning. This is evidence of growth, as one requires further understanding and knowledge in order to perfect an already great strategy. If your understanding… Continue Reading “Successful Crypto Strategies = Constant Growth &  Adaption”

Price Action Can Be Deceptive – Look To The Charts

Charts Display More Than Price Merely observing the price action “in the moment” is extremely deceptive. The previous candles on a low time frame chart mean nothing when measured against the long-term trend. Charts reveal so much more than price. Traders and investors who… Continue Reading “Price Action Can Be Deceptive – Look To The Charts”

Choosing Not To Trade Is Also A Trade

Beware Of Overtrading As a trader, one has to choose opportune moments in the market. This often requires a level of patience, much like a lion lies in wait for vulnerable and unsuspecting prey. This is often where new traders make the critical mistake… Continue Reading “Choosing Not To Trade Is Also A Trade”

The Building Of New Long Positions Begins Soon!

Sticking To The Plan Working to a strict plan and strategy is always best when trading markets. Markets are irrational at best and if you are not disciplined it can become a rather “messy” combination. My best-case bottom target came very near to being… Continue Reading “The Building Of New Long Positions Begins Soon!”

Developing Your Own Trading Style & Rule Book

A Reminder Something that I mentioned in a recent post is the fact that many of the top analysts have been wrong more than they have been correct. This is why I made special note of the fact that my analysis is independent. Not… Continue Reading “Developing Your Own Trading Style & Rule Book”

Bear Markets Encourage Growth – A Review Of Personally Experienced Bear Markets & Predictions

The Bear Market of 2015 The majority of newcomers to Crypto usually arrive in the heart of a bull market. All the hype and euphoria tend to consistently attract new players to the market. I chose a rather different time to get involved in… Continue Reading “Bear Markets Encourage Growth – A Review Of Personally Experienced Bear Markets & Predictions”

How I see This Bear Market Playing Out – Key Levels To Watch

Best To Zoom Out I know that many are rather optimistic and believe that BTC bottomed at $25K and is now busy making a comeback. Even though this is what we would all love to hear, it is highly unlikely. Let’s just clarify though… Continue Reading “How I see This Bear Market Playing Out – Key Levels To Watch”

The Shift To Quality Will Now Commence

It’s Always The Case During any bearish or brutal season, one will always see and experience a shift to quality. Traditionally, when the market drops, there is a move to Bitcoin, stablecoins, and cash. This ultimately causes Bitcoin dominance to rise. Despite the great… Continue Reading “The Shift To Quality Will Now Commence”

Two Bullish Scenarios For ETH

A Trade Everyone Seems To Be In Despite the high gas fees and numerous other hurdles, Ethereum continues to reign as the layer 1 of most hope. Although you will often hear many complaints regarding gas fees, the Crypto community continues to hold and… Continue Reading “Two Bullish Scenarios For ETH”

Is The Crypto Community In Denial?

Not Quite As Expected Ok, it’s safe to say that 2021 didn’t close as many of us expected. It was a textbook example of an anti-climax, which as expected, left many disinterested. During the course of 2021, I had quite a number of people… Continue Reading “Is The Crypto Community In Denial?”