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Ethereum & The Ancient Delicacies Of Centralization

The Ultimate Anti-Climax Ethereum’s recent shift to POS marked the beginning of what many considered to be a rebirthing, an event that would forever change the course of ETH. However, at least in my opinion, not much has changed. The changes that we do… Continue Reading “Ethereum & The Ancient Delicacies Of Centralization”

Crypto’s Next Chapter – Beyond Investment

Identifying The True Path Crypto has always been a market that has experienced tremendous growth cycles, followed by deep retracements. However, this particular dynamic has always been favorable to those who understand and appropriate it correctly. Yes, the appreciation of price is beneficial to… Continue Reading “Crypto’s Next Chapter – Beyond Investment”

The Privilege Of Position

A Similar Dynamic Every day, individuals across the globe awaken with one goal in mind: To climb higher up the corporate ladder! Many believe that this will eventually benefit their lives in such a way as to provide them with privileges unfamiliar to the… Continue Reading “The Privilege Of Position”

The Layer 1 Dilemma

Amazing Returns Layer 1 blockchains have been at the forefront of securing spectacular gains for investors ever since Ethereum launched at $0.31. Projects such as Solana, Cardano, and BNB have all gone on to secure enormous gains. Yes, even at current prices, Solana is… Continue Reading “The Layer 1 Dilemma”

Create Your Own World On The Hive Blockchain

Decentralization Is Clearly Superior Power corrupts, and it always will, there is simply no escaping it. Looking back over the course of 2022 reveals how so many centralized entities imploded despite their size and relevance. Every one of these events can be directly linked… Continue Reading “Create Your Own World On The Hive Blockchain”

Web 3, Decentralization & The World It Promotes

There Is No Perfect World Despite the fact that there is no perfect world, or system, the benefits of a decentralized life are rather obvious. Whenever a select minority has control, corruption follows. Power corrupts, which is why the more hands that hold an… Continue Reading “Web 3, Decentralization & The World It Promotes”

A Conflict Of Interests

A Dangerous Dynamic This dynamic exists everywhere in the world of finance and business. Unfortunately, it is a real threat to succeeding in any aspect of life and not only Crypto and finance. Before I continue, I will say that a conflict of interest… Continue Reading “A Conflict Of Interests”

Decentralization – Back To The Drawing Board

Living Up To The Promise? Ever since Bitcoin began gaining attention, the buzzword that has always popped up is “decentralization”. This was and is supposed to be the defining factor to separate Bitcoin from a controlled and flawed monetary system. However, as adoption and… Continue Reading “Decentralization – Back To The Drawing Board”