LeoThreads – 10 Threads Per Day?

User Experience Matters Ok, I have to be honest, I found the original Threads very clunky, awkward, and unattractive. However, the new UI has managed to impress me, even to the point of adjusting my opinion on short-form content. Many of us had a… Continue Reading “LeoThreads – 10 Threads Per Day?”

Continued Migration To Decentralized Social Media – A Pathway To Hive

Unavoidable Adjustment It’s been happening for some time now. Mainstream media, as well as centralized social media platforms, have been losing users to independent and decentralized platforms. I think Joe Rogan proved that mainstream media simply doesn’t provide what people are looking for. I… Continue Reading “Continued Migration To Decentralized Social Media – A Pathway To Hive”

What Constitutes Quality Content?

Web 2.0 Mechanics Will Soon Fail In the traditional world of social media and content creation, validity is endorsed by numbers. The number of likes, followers, shares, and subscribers. When people are seeking out an authoritative voice, they tend to look for the largest… Continue Reading “What Constitutes Quality Content?”

The Home Of BCH Empowered Social Media

Beneficial To Both Great & Small Whether you have thousands of subscribers, or merely a handful, Noise.cash enables users to earn healthy amounts of BCH daily. Provided you are not trying to spam your way up the ladder and are providing interesting posts, you… Continue Reading “The Home Of BCH Empowered Social Media”