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On-Chain Data Requires Additional Data

Increased Transparency On-chain data is a very important data point when it comes to trading and investing in Crypto. When you consider that a public ledger enables so much transparency, especially when compared to traditional investment vehicles, it makes sense that investors will want… Continue Reading “On-Chain Data Requires Additional Data”

Retail Investors Get Played… Again!

Do You Understand The Economic Environment? The market completely misinterpreted Powell’s most recent address as bullish. The media is now “conveniently” reporting from “trusted” sources that there was actually nothing in the statement that could actually be interpreted as dovish. I did mention this… Continue Reading “Retail Investors Get Played… Again!”

Bitcoin – Two Months To Go?

Confluence Whispered In My Ear When trading markets, effective traders tend to seek out something known as confluence. This is very much like discovering which side of the market has the most favorable outcome. Multiple bullish indicators are usually indicative of a bullish move,… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Two Months To Go?”