Overcoming The Hurdles Of Crypto On-Ramps

A Growing Concern As regulatory pressure continues to mount, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Crypto on-ramps are a concern to both the FED and regulators. Resistance is often a deterrent for many, so, make something difficult enough and activity is likely to decline.… Continue Reading “Overcoming The Hurdles Of Crypto On-Ramps”

Blockchains That Empower – The Future Of Wealth Creation & The Eradication Of Poverty

An Enormous Accomplishment Recently I came across an article written by @arcange in which he details his journey of acquiring whale status on the Hive blockchain. Those unfamiliar with Hive will perhaps not be able to appreciate the magnitude of this accomplishment. However, it… Continue Reading “Blockchains That Empower – The Future Of Wealth Creation & The Eradication Of Poverty”

Ecosystems Are The New Economies

Everything Eventually Gets Restructured Economies are what we all rely on in order to make a living and enjoy having access to goods and services. Essentially, providing a service generates revenue, while simultaneously bringing about trade and creating employment. This is the “flow” that… Continue Reading “Ecosystems Are The New Economies”

Cryptocurrency – Preserving Freedoms & Building An Alternative World

A Sensitive World I recently heard of an incident where a restaurant manager suddenly found himself without a job for simply stating that the monkeys that frequented the restaurant he managed were part of the family. Obviously, this restaurant is in a natural location… Continue Reading “Cryptocurrency – Preserving Freedoms & Building An Alternative World”

The Current “Wealth Trap”

Looking To Increase? Due to the current state of the global economy, many are seeking to increase their income, as well as their cash-generating assets. Increasing your cash-generating assets will ultimately also increase your income. The reason why I use the term ‘wealth trap”… Continue Reading “The Current “Wealth Trap””

Hive Shines As Alternative Crypto-Based Social Media Platforms Fizzle out!

An Expected Outcome For the last year or so I have been quite vocal on numerous platforms in regard to where I believe people should be focusing their attention (Hive) when it comes to Crypto-based social media and content creation. Especially, in the case… Continue Reading “Hive Shines As Alternative Crypto-Based Social Media Platforms Fizzle out!”

Diving Deeper Into Independence

The Ultimate Hedge With every passing day comes the introduction of new laws, as well as an ever-weakening global economy. Together, these two dynamics are able to destroy what has become known as the “American Dream”. Some would go as far as to say… Continue Reading “Diving Deeper Into Independence”

A Portfolio To Replace Yourself

The Essence Of An Investment Portfolio So why do individuals build up Investment portfolios over years and decades? The simple answer is, security! An investment portfolio that grows over time is a portfolio that is working. For many, this is a type of nest… Continue Reading “A Portfolio To Replace Yourself”

The Future Of Mass Adoption & Why Hive Is Central

Time To Utilize Another Angle When you look at what draws the masses into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, it is always the same thing, price appreciation! This seems to be the only “selling point” that manages to onboard new users and investors. However, when prices… Continue Reading “The Future Of Mass Adoption & Why Hive Is Central”