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Blockchain Changes Everything – The Battle For The Phoenix

Hypocrisy Of The Elites You will note that personalities such as Gates and others will make use of any and every opportunity to take a cheap shot at Bitcoin and Crypto in general. Some may consider this a little strange, as the majority of… Continue Reading “Blockchain Changes Everything – The Battle For The Phoenix”

The Regulatory Reign Of Terror

It Has Begun If you look at how modestly the SEC began its “Crypto clamp down”, it’s becoming rather obvious that the heat is being turned up another notch. For quite some time, nothing much happened after EOS was initially fined by the SEC.… Continue Reading “The Regulatory Reign Of Terror”

Crypto – The Self-Regulated Financial Market

An Embarrassment For Regulators, Lawmakers & The SEC During the course of 2022, we have heard rumors and rumblings of increased regulation within the Crypto space, especially in regard to stablecoins. The SEC has been hammering away at Ripple while picking on soft targets… Continue Reading “Crypto – The Self-Regulated Financial Market”

Regulation – The Flaws & Necessary Adjustments

The Cries For Regulation Before I dive into this edition, I want to cut right to the chase! The use of DEXs is a superior alternative to traditional centralized exchanges. Users do not part with their funds, and so maintain custody. During a trade,… Continue Reading “Regulation – The Flaws & Necessary Adjustments”

Living Off Crypto – Soon To Be The New Norm (For Many)

The Future Becomes The Present At some point, that which was considered the distant future eventually becomes the present. This is exactly what is beginning to unfold within the Crypto space. It was once considered that Crypto would become a more mainstream and acceptable… Continue Reading “Living Off Crypto – Soon To Be The New Norm (For Many)”

Millennials & Crypto – A Look Into The Future

A New Generation With A New Asset Class If ever you want to propel a new technology into the future, your best bet is with the younger generation. The older generation is somehow always resistant to change and advancement. Just look at Warren Buffet… Continue Reading “Millennials & Crypto – A Look Into The Future”

The Future Of Crypto Payments – Are Stablecoins Necessary?

A Debatable Topic This has been the subject of many a debate ever since the Bitcoin boom in 2017. However, a lot has changed since then. Most notable is the acceleration and adoption of stablecoins. When you take a look at the Top 10… Continue Reading “The Future Of Crypto Payments – Are Stablecoins Necessary?”

Cryptocurrency – Growth Can Be Messy & Painful

First Impressions? Many people are put off Crypto due to a negative perception and first impression of the space. They somehow expect new technology to be immediately perfect and without incident. The numerous “Bitcoin hacks” don’t do the space any justice, as many believe… Continue Reading “Cryptocurrency – Growth Can Be Messy & Painful”

Will Crypto Regulation Go The Same Way As The Entertainment Industry?

Reality Evades Regulators Governments and regulators are currently enjoying their reign, as they continue to flex their muscles. However, the reality and true dynamic of Cryptocurrency is yet to be understood and comprehended by these entities. This is the reality that still needs to… Continue Reading “Will Crypto Regulation Go The Same Way As The Entertainment Industry?”

Crypto Is Encouraging Society To Take Financial Responsibility

The Genesis Block Ever since Satoshi unleashed Bitcoin into the world, there has been a growing desire amongst society for financial independence. This desire has subsequently encouraged people to become financially knowledgeable. What we are now seeing is a shift, a shift toward financial… Continue Reading “Crypto Is Encouraging Society To Take Financial Responsibility”