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Retail Investors Get Played… Again!

Do You Understand The Economic Environment? The market completely misinterpreted Powell’s most recent address as bullish. The media is now “conveniently” reporting from “trusted” sources that there was actually nothing in the statement that could actually be interpreted as dovish. I did mention this… Continue Reading “Retail Investors Get Played… Again!”

Emotional Intelligence Together With Analysis Would Have Spared You This Bull Trap

You Just Gotta Love Retail For some reason, retail investors always believe the price is going up. I guess one can liken it to “youthful bliss”. There are some things that can only be learned through time and experience. Unfortunately, new retail traders have… Continue Reading “Emotional Intelligence Together With Analysis Would Have Spared You This Bull Trap”

Bitcoin – This Next Move Will Reveal A Lot!

Bullish Formation Looking to the charts, one can see that a traditionally bullish formation is in play in the form of an ascending triangle. These formations statistically break to the upside 70% of the time, essentially making them bullish reversal patterns. This pattern is… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – This Next Move Will Reveal A Lot!”

ChainLink Ecosystem Experiences Explosive Growth!

Oracles Floating Under The Radar In my recent post, “Oracles – The Forgotten sector”, I mentioned how projects such as ChainLink and Band Protocol seem to have been excluded in the bull run of 2020 and 2021. There were very modest gains in the… Continue Reading “ChainLink Ecosystem Experiences Explosive Growth!”

Is It Time To Begin Thinking About Altcoins?

The Altcoin Market Needs Some Action Looking at Bitcoin, the price is still relatively strong despite suffering multiple dips over the past while. In actual fact, it’s starting to look rather bullish! The market has previously been in a state of uncertainty as it… Continue Reading “Is It Time To Begin Thinking About Altcoins?”