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ChainLink – Primed To Outperform The Majority In The Next Bull Run

Let’s Rewind Earlier this year I published an article entitled, “ChainLink Ecosystem Experiences Explosive Growth”. I addressed the fact that despite a rather disappointing performance from ChainLink the ecosystem had actually experienced significant growth. ChainLink was definitely an early bird during the previous bull… Continue Reading “ChainLink – Primed To Outperform The Majority In The Next Bull Run”

ChainLink Ecosystem Experiences Explosive Growth!

Oracles Floating Under The Radar In my recent post, “Oracles – The Forgotten sector”, I mentioned how projects such as ChainLink and Band Protocol seem to have been excluded in the bull run of 2020 and 2021. There were very modest gains in the… Continue Reading “ChainLink Ecosystem Experiences Explosive Growth!”

Oracles – The Forgotten Sector

Do You Remember ChainLink? Wow, it’s almost that bad! Oracles have been largely forgotten in this bull cycle. However, a lot of alts, especially layer 1 blockchains have done exceptionally well during 2020 and early 2021. Altcoin valuations have however dropped quite heavily, which… Continue Reading “Oracles – The Forgotten Sector”