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Strict Disciplines, Approximation & The End Result

Don’t Be Deceived Developing disciplines and habits that ultimately increase your productivity and efficiency is not an overnight development. Many become discouraged, and even disillusioned in the quest to become more productive. At the end of the day, in an economic expression, productivity creates… Continue Reading “Strict Disciplines, Approximation & The End Result”

Leofinance – A New Chapter

Things Are Moving Fast With the recent release of PolyCUB has come a renewed excitement and optimism for Leofinance and the entire ecosystem that is being built upon it. Leofinance is the foundational core element here and stands to benefit significantly in time. Hive… Continue Reading “Leofinance – A New Chapter”

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ChainLink Ecosystem Experiences Explosive Growth!

Oracles Floating Under The Radar In my recent post, “Oracles – The Forgotten sector”, I mentioned how projects such as ChainLink and Band Protocol seem to have been excluded in the bull run of 2020 and 2021. There were very modest gains in the… Continue Reading “ChainLink Ecosystem Experiences Explosive Growth!”