Creating Wealth On The Blockchain

The “Value” Shift I have seen @taskmaster4450 often refer to what is happening within the Crypto space as the age of abundance, or the economy of abundance. I have often referred to it as the “incentivized economy”. However you choose to view it, one… Continue Reading “Creating Wealth On The Blockchain”

Hive’s Unique Power On The Blockchain

Something To Remember Hugely successful ideas are often quite similar to already existing ideas, except, they often have a very unique and even particular angle. Businesses centered around service delivery are often fairly similar. However, when you isolate the leader of the pack, you… Continue Reading “Hive’s Unique Power On The Blockchain”

Ideas For The Next Cycle Top

Staying Ahead Of The Pack If you wish to capitalize and take full advantage of the next cycle peak, then you have to begin formulating strategies now. Being ahead of the market will often appear as being “out of touch”. When I look at… Continue Reading “Ideas For The Next Cycle Top”

Shaking The Web 2 Mindset

Preconditioned So, what really differentiates Web 3 from Web 2? Well, decentralization for one, and in terms of social media, censorship resistance. Everyone is an advocate of decentralization and Web 3. However, I find many still viewing Web 3 through the eyes of Web… Continue Reading “Shaking The Web 2 Mindset”

Capturing Value – The Root Of Wealth Creation

Gaining An Advantage When projects are heavily discounted in a bear market it is often tempting to choose the most battered coins and tokens. The reasoning here is that a return to previous highs will ultimately increase your profit margin. This can sometimes work… Continue Reading “Capturing Value – The Root Of Wealth Creation”

Is Hive The Manhattan of Web 3?

The Essence Of A Hive Account The blockchain is a “digital land” where anyone can begin building. If we compare what is built on top of blockchains to what is built on top of physical land, we have a somewhat similar result. Essentially, we… Continue Reading “Is Hive The Manhattan of Web 3?”

Altcoins Approaching Recent Lows – What’s Next?

Moments Away Altcoins continue to bleed over the weekend and are moments away from revisiting their recent lows. This is true for the majority of alts, although there are those that are weathering the storm a lot better than others. HIVE happens to be… Continue Reading “Altcoins Approaching Recent Lows – What’s Next?”

Web 3 – Ownership Defined

What We Have Seen Ever since Steemit launched back in 2016 we have had a taste of what it means to have an “account” that we actually own. An account that exists on the blockchain and is in essence, held privately. This was later… Continue Reading “Web 3 – Ownership Defined”

Every LEO Is A Dollar!

Perspective How we choose to view things in life makes all the difference. We are all familiar with the “glass half full” mindset and so on. For me, I need to envision my investments in the future. I have to come to a place… Continue Reading “Every LEO Is A Dollar!”

Passive Income / Hive Ecosystem / Blogging

Coming Together My readers will already know that I am a firm lover of passive income. I have also developed quite a penchant for blogging over the years. The last couple of years have also seen me become rather fascinated and intrigued by what… Continue Reading “Passive Income / Hive Ecosystem / Blogging”