Envisioning Your Crypto Future & Why It’s Imperative

Aimless Endeavors There are many who enter the Crypto space with an expectation of what they wish to achieve… and yet, simultaneously, have no idea how they are going to get there. Many of these “investors” believe it’s as simple as buying a random… Continue Reading “Envisioning Your Crypto Future & Why It’s Imperative”

Positioning Within Inflationary-Based Asset Models

Positive Aspects Of Inflation When it comes to Crypto projects, one of the most important aspects of success is that of tokenomics. This incorporates the “minting” of new coins via an inflationary-based model. Yes, much to the surprise of some, even Bitcoin is an… Continue Reading “Positioning Within Inflationary-Based Asset Models”

Is There A Case For HIVE To Appreciate In Value?

First Things First Many people tend to view Hive as simply a blogging platform, in that it is solely seen as a fork of Steemit. However, Hive is much more than Steemit… and much more than a blogging platform. It needs to be understood… Continue Reading “Is There A Case For HIVE To Appreciate In Value?”

Hive – An Agreement Of Mutual Reward

Secured Conviction Whenever you come across altcoin communities, you will note how the majority are expecting their coin to create millionaires. Hive is however a unique situation. Why do I say that? Well, for starters, those who will go on to experience this particular… Continue Reading “Hive – An Agreement Of Mutual Reward”

Working Toward A Crypto Goal – An Imperative Decision

A Unique Understanding Individuals who set goals for themselves understand the human condition. Unless you are aiming at something, you very seldom shoot. It’s better to set a goal, and even miss than to never set one at all. Why? Because goals encourage, and… Continue Reading “Working Toward A Crypto Goal – An Imperative Decision”

A Structured HBD Strategy

Looking Back Last year, I published an article entitled, “HBD – The Most Reliable Wealth Creation Tool Of 2022”. This was of course addressing Hive’s stablecoin, which was clearly the best Crypto investment of 2022. All other DeFi investments suffered tremendous losses. However, being… Continue Reading “A Structured HBD Strategy”

My Primary Concern Regarding AI

Learn To Live With It When it comes to certain aspects of AI, I am not a big fan at all. Yes, in many ways, AI can simplify and enhance certain processes. However, in certain areas, it’s actually not that great. One of those… Continue Reading “My Primary Concern Regarding AI”

Increasing Hive’s Borders By Broadening Stake (Upvote) Allocation

How Do We Grow Hive? Firstly, we have to identify what Hive is. Yes, Hive provides a number of services and experiences, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to one key aspect: Hive is an incentivized economy. Whatever your… Continue Reading “Increasing Hive’s Borders By Broadening Stake (Upvote) Allocation”

The No.1 Goal On Hive

A Motivational Hub The first thing you will notice after spending a fair amount of time on Hive is the passion and motivation that drives much of the community. Those creating content and interacting with others are generally quite goal-orientated individuals, which shouldn’t really… Continue Reading “The No.1 Goal On Hive”

Passive Income – Isn’t It Time?

A Bit Of A Buzz Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in chatter regarding passive income, especially on Hive. Many are talking about ideas such as increasing their exposure to HBD, or even increasing their HP stake. Provided, HP does not really create passive income.… Continue Reading “Passive Income – Isn’t It Time?”