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Essentials To Crypto Trading

A Sleepless Market Unlike any other market, Crypto trades 24/7 and is an amazing market to trade due to its inherent volatility. The forex markets are open 24 hours a day but are closed over weekends, which unfortunately doesn’t help much. I remember when… Continue Reading “Essentials To Crypto Trading”

Does Your Altcoin Portfolio Require Adjustment?

Laying The Foundation Going back and studying the data of previous bull markets is a great way to gain some insight and understanding into the performance of particular altcoins. Obviously, newer altcoins don’t have this history to refer to. However, there are quite a… Continue Reading “Does Your Altcoin Portfolio Require Adjustment?”

Maximizing A Bear Market

Thoughtful Creativity Bear markets often arrive with a sense of heaviness and desperation for the majority of market participants. However, It’s not all bad, and once you have experienced a few, you almost begin to look forward to them. A bear market can be… Continue Reading “Maximizing A Bear Market”

Leofinance’s LEO To Surge In The Next DeFi Rally?

The Sector That Dominated 2020 Well, that was the year, wasn’t it? What a great year for DeFi! I know that the majority of DeFi enthusiasts joined the “DeFi Army” in 2021. However, there were some pretty amazing gains in 2020 as well, which… Continue Reading “Leofinance’s LEO To Surge In The Next DeFi Rally?”

How You Can Bring The Power Of Synergy To Your Investments

Knowledge Creates Power Many investors desire to speed up their journey to wealth. This often results in failure and even utter destruction. This is also at the heart of the FTX failure. Had SBF chosen to grow the business he had, as opposed to… Continue Reading “How You Can Bring The Power Of Synergy To Your Investments”

Raising The Bar – Markets Collapse A Lot Faster Than They Rise

Long By Default I can almost guarantee you that more than 90% of Crypto enthusiasts only think in one direction when it comes to the market. Due to logical thought processes, market participants only envision profits being generated by the price of an asset… Continue Reading “Raising The Bar – Markets Collapse A Lot Faster Than They Rise”

There Is Still Time To Prepare

Fear Discourages Many Market corrections continue to come and go and yet so many behave as if a heavy correction was unexpected, or even worse, that it should never have happened. Many suggested that Crypto is now a more mature market and that heavy… Continue Reading “There Is Still Time To Prepare”