My Early Strategic Preparation For The Current Bear Market

It’s A Bit Late Now There are many who have been taken by surprise by this bear market and are now trying to put together a strategy for survival. Anyone who knows anything about financial markets will tell you that you have to front-run… Continue Reading “My Early Strategic Preparation For The Current Bear Market”

The Trading Hodler

It’s A Trader’s Market The market has clearly shifted in favor of the trader over the past few months. To be honest, it makes sense. Why would you not consider alternative measures when prices plummet. Trading does have that one very specific advantage over… Continue Reading “The Trading Hodler”

Solana & Avalanche – Powerplays For 2025

The Ongoing Battle I am sure that many will agree that ETH will continue to dominate the layer 1 space, especially with the shift to POS. Many are excluded from utilizing ETH-based projects due to exorbitant gas fees. The shift to proof-of-stake is expected… Continue Reading “Solana & Avalanche – Powerplays For 2025”

Crypto Market Triggers Alarm Bells – Time To Short?

What’s The General Mood? Looking at what analysts and others are currently suggesting only serves to provide more confusion. Some are extremely bearish, while others are fairly bullish. Analyzing this behavior does however offer more value than the predictions being made. If you have… Continue Reading “Crypto Market Triggers Alarm Bells – Time To Short?”

Portfolio Construction In A Bear Market

Diversification Is Key So, I have tallied up my different stablecoin and cash holdings and am a lot higher than I expected to be, which is great! I am currently at approximately 40%, which is where I was when I made the initial shift… Continue Reading “Portfolio Construction In A Bear Market”

The Beauty Of “Real Stablecoins”

Portfolio Construction I tend to repeat myself sometimes but it’s only because I consider certain approaches and practices absolutely imperative and I want people to “get it”. One of the most important practices that I continue to drive home is the need for a… Continue Reading “The Beauty Of “Real Stablecoins””

Torum – My XTM Strategy

From Darling To Deplorable Torum launched in early 2020 but only managed to garner attention once its XTM token went live on Uniswap in 2021. The token went on to appreciate even further alongside listings on Kucoin and Huobi. From a modest $0.05 per… Continue Reading “Torum – My XTM Strategy”

You Don’t Require Significant Capital To Become Crypto Wealthy

A Wild Fire It has been said that the stock market and trading as a whole is the final opportunity that enables a person with modest capital to become increasingly wealthy. This idea becomes even more powerful when you factor in the growth potential… Continue Reading “You Don’t Require Significant Capital To Become Crypto Wealthy”

Trading Is Not An Ideal Income Model

Why Are You In Crypto? If people were, to be honest, the main objective is to make money. However, the motivation or reason behind this agenda is actually rather important. If you are employed full-time and are looking to further cushion your nest egg,… Continue Reading “Trading Is Not An Ideal Income Model”

A Simple Yet Efficient Strategy For Top Altcoins

Not All Alts Respond The Same The understanding that Altcoins suffer significant losses when Bitcoin trends down is a widely understood concept and yet there are varying degrees of damage. There are different reasons as to why a particular altcoin may experience more severe… Continue Reading “A Simple Yet Efficient Strategy For Top Altcoins”