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The Regulatory Reign Of Terror

It Has Begun If you look at how modestly the SEC began its “Crypto clamp down”, it’s becoming rather obvious that the heat is being turned up another notch. For quite some time, nothing much happened after EOS was initially fined by the SEC.… Continue Reading “The Regulatory Reign Of Terror”

Another Very Important Bear Market Lesson

The Learning Never Ends If you endeavor to continue learning and growing, you have to realize that your current understanding is limited. It may well be extremely thorough and in-depth but that definitely doesn’t imply that it is complete. I don’t actually believe in… Continue Reading “Another Very Important Bear Market Lesson”

Solana – A Lesson In Decentralization

Collateral Damage Solana fans must be extremely disappointed as the FTX debacle continues to haunt and decay a once flourishing ecosystem. Next to ETH, Solana was primed for greatness and mass adoption. It’s no secret that Sam Bankman-Fried’s endorsement and investment in Solana helped… Continue Reading “Solana – A Lesson In Decentralization”

Crypto – The Self-Regulated Financial Market

An Embarrassment For Regulators, Lawmakers & The SEC During the course of 2022, we have heard rumors and rumblings of increased regulation within the Crypto space, especially in regard to stablecoins. The SEC has been hammering away at Ripple while picking on soft targets… Continue Reading “Crypto – The Self-Regulated Financial Market”

Solana – Still A Potential Investment Opportunity?

Tied To A Sinking Ship When the ship goes down, it takes everything down with it that is in some way connected to it. This is the story of Solana and the Titanic, Known as FTX. What an incredibly sad moment for Crypto. Sad,… Continue Reading “Solana – Still A Potential Investment Opportunity?”

Regulation – The Flaws & Necessary Adjustments

The Cries For Regulation Before I dive into this edition, I want to cut right to the chase! The use of DEXs is a superior alternative to traditional centralized exchanges. Users do not part with their funds, and so maintain custody. During a trade,… Continue Reading “Regulation – The Flaws & Necessary Adjustments”

So… More Time To BUIDL Then

You Can Just Imagine The typical no-coiner narrative is out in full force again with a heavy force of “I told you so”. However, this was predicted by every Crypto investor who understands the game. I am not talking about the collapse of FTX… Continue Reading “So… More Time To BUIDL Then”

The FTX Collapse – What Matters Now

Here We Go Again Well, FTX was probably the last entity that most of us thought would be next to fall. However, there was one incident in particular that got me wondering. Some months back, SBF came out and said that the worst of… Continue Reading “The FTX Collapse – What Matters Now”

Understanding Leverage – There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

The Leverage Dynamic Aagh… leverage, the wonderful tool that works so well when you are in sync with the market, and so destructively, when you are not. This is the reality that will so often be disguised by greed and selfish ambition. Working with… Continue Reading “Understanding Leverage – There Is No Substitute For Hard Work”

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency – Building Something Of Significant Value

This Is Where It’s At So many people are quite happy to make a “small fortune” with Crypto playing the speculative game. However, the real winners are those who go on to build something of value. Look at Sam Bankman-Fried for example, he made… Continue Reading “Blockchain & Cryptocurrency – Building Something Of Significant Value”