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Solana – Still A Potential Investment Opportunity?

Tied To A Sinking Ship When the ship goes down, it takes everything down with it that is in some way connected to it. This is the story of Solana and the Titanic, Known as FTX. What an incredibly sad moment for Crypto. Sad,… Continue Reading “Solana – Still A Potential Investment Opportunity?”

Bitcoin Needs To Step Into Its True Identity

Bitcoin Revisits Previous Lows Yesterday, we saw quite a significant dump for BTC as the CPI figure came out. Yet another disappointing outcome, as inflation stubbornly refuses to budge. As I have said, expect to see the $19K support being lost. It won’t be… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Needs To Step Into Its True Identity”

The Number One Rule That Governs Crypto Success

Multiple Ingredients There are multiple ingredients that make up a single recipe. There may be a number of different recipes for a chocolate cake but they all involve cocoa. Success, in any sector, shares this truth. Why do you think so many individuals began… Continue Reading “The Number One Rule That Governs Crypto Success”