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A Blockchain-Based World Is Inevitable

Forget About Price Price is merely a temporal indicator. Don’t get caught up in the thinking that suggests that something is “dead” due to its price performance. The introduction of online marketplaces such as Amazon and others has taught us that though initially, prices… Continue Reading “A Blockchain-Based World Is Inevitable”

The Number One Rule That Governs Crypto Success

Multiple Ingredients There are multiple ingredients that make up a single recipe. There may be a number of different recipes for a chocolate cake but they all involve cocoa. Success, in any sector, shares this truth. Why do you think so many individuals began… Continue Reading “The Number One Rule That Governs Crypto Success”

The Discipline To Trade

Temperament Is Important Just like with most things in life, certain career paths are better suited to certain temperaments. This is a very important “law of life” which should be considered by anyone looking to trade as a full-time career, or even as a… Continue Reading “The Discipline To Trade”

Consistency – The Currency Of Success

Isolated Efforts Are Powerless Whether it’s creating content, trading, or even investing, consistency is at the heart of any meaningful success. Take a look at any successful YouTuber or content creator and you will be able to confirm what I am saying. Their success… Continue Reading “Consistency – The Currency Of Success”