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Five Coins/Tokens I would Pick Up In A Surprise Crash

The Mother Of All Opportunities We all hate market crashes because of what they do to our portfolio. We see our hard work and effort being sliced away. However, a crash is only a temporary state, from which the market does eventually recover. Further… Continue Reading “Five Coins/Tokens I would Pick Up In A Surprise Crash”

What Constitutes Quality Content?

Web 2.0 Mechanics Will Soon Fail In the traditional world of social media and content creation, validity is endorsed by numbers. The number of likes, followers, shares, and subscribers. When people are seeking out an authoritative voice, they tend to look for the largest… Continue Reading “What Constitutes Quality Content?”

How Buying A Coin Can Equate To Buying A Business

Perspective & Mindset When you really start to examine Crypto success stories that were calculated, in other words, the individuals involved actually set out to succeed. You begin to see how much the mindset and perspective of a person can either enhance or limit… Continue Reading “How Buying A Coin Can Equate To Buying A Business”

True To My Convictions Irrespective Of Price

Dedication That Rewards I spent many years in the business world running businesses and sometimes managing as many as 60 staff members. Extreme dedication and long exhaustive hours were the order of the day. When I look at my reward for dedication within the… Continue Reading “True To My Convictions Irrespective Of Price”

UBIX – A Hidden Micro Cap Gem

Under The Radar Gem The Ubix Network, with the ticker UBX is a project I gained some exposure to earlier this year. Currently the network transfers millions of dollars a day and comprises of 6 blockchains. The network is a hybrid, comprised of both… Continue Reading “UBIX – A Hidden Micro Cap Gem”

Hi Dollar & It’s Amazing Daily Rewards – Is It Legit?

So What Is Hi Dollar & Who Is Behind The Project? Hi Dollar hit the Crypto space a few months ago and has since reached in excess of 1 million users. Hi Dollar is a token based monetary system that aims to allow users to… Continue Reading “Hi Dollar & It’s Amazing Daily Rewards – Is It Legit?”