What Constitutes Quality Content?

Web 2.0 Mechanics Will Soon Fail

In the traditional world of social media and content creation, validity is endorsed by numbers. The number of likes, followers, shares, and subscribers. When people are seeking out an authoritative voice, they tend to look for the largest presence or the top-ranking Google search. I mean, it makes sense right? If something has value and is well visited, it will ultimately rank high on Google and other platforms. This is true but only to a point. Like everything nowadays, people are creating ways to enslave algorithms to serve their agendas. The media is biased to serve an agenda. Ultimately, everything is corruptible and therefore is being corrupted to the highest level possible.

When you take this into serious consideration, you may well begin to realize that most of the information and data so readily available is not worthy of your trust, let alone your time. In the Crypto world, where shilling and hype are often the order of the day, it becomes even more difficult to find a trusted voice. Trust will become increasingly scarce in our world. Those that build it and secure it through honesty and accuracy will become the true thought leaders. In essence, they already are, they are just not recognized as such yet.

100% Accuracy Is A Myth

I have mentioned this before in previous posts. As consumers of content, we need to hold our influencers accountable. I do not mean to imply that they owe us something but rather that we should keep record. In the Crypto space, market direction and prediction are a large part of the game. If you are simply following someone due to their follower base and never actually keeping track of their accuracy, you may well find that you are being led down the garden path. I personally ignore certain influencers even though they are well known and pay attention to others that most have never even heard of. The reason being is that the data is the only deciding factor! Are you going to boast about the inaccurate data you received from a high-profile influencer that you took without doing your own research? I think not! It doesn’t get much more foolish than this.

Approach & Flexibility

Unlike most, I operate on a different set of rules. I am not out to please or impress anyone. Furthermore, I am not out to join a “click” or idolized group. I am simply out to get it right because in this game that is all that counts. I am quick to question my position or ideology if confronted with authoritative data that challenges my view. Another important aspect is to not allow time to play too much of a decider. Markets often follow predicted paths, while simultaneously taking a coffee break along the way. You have to be flexible but simultaneously have boundaries. At the end of the day good and predominantly accurate data and information play a very big role.

The Copy Paste Brigade

These guys’ days are numbered, unfortunately for them. They will eventually have to actually do some real work. To my knowledge, I have never shared a post on any platform such as Torum or Noise.cash that I did not personally write and publish. You can calculate how much time that takes. Compare that to a so-called influencer that copy-pastes articles from Cointelegraph and other Crypto news sites. I mean, you could literally get your seven-year-old son or daughter to do that for you every day. To enforce this point, you will be surprised as to how many top and recommended users on these platforms are actually doing this.

They have nothing to offer personally and so have to ride on the wave of another. If anything they are speedy copy/paste experts. This may sound a bit hard but it’s true. Think about it, NFTs have value due to the origin and authority of the product. If you copy-paste it, you have nothing. Similarly, the credit is with the author of the article on Cointelegraph. I understand that sometimes you want to share an important article with relevant information. This is different from the person capitalizing on the work of others by continuously posting their articles and securing a presence that is not based on any work of their own doing.

Their Days Are Numbered

This nonsense in the creativity space will come to an abrupt end fairly soon. It will eventually be considered worse than spam. To those creating good content without much recognition, you have my respect, regardless of how meaningful or meaningless that may be. To those that are taking part in this spam variant, take this as an early heads up to get real. Crypto and Web 3 are all about independence and ownership and this is what will ultimately be respected in time. Everything else will be seen as inferior.


So in concluding, good content is ultimately for the most part accurate, insightful, and has relevant data that is helpful and can make a difference in the life of the reader. It is also privately owned and original. I say privately owned because even though it may be published on a centralized platform, it is still the property of the publisher because it was created by the publisher.

This simultaneously also reveals what bad content is. It is the opposite of good content. Inaccurate data that ultimately fails in its predictions the majority of the time and adds little to no value to the reader. Furthermore, it can also be a spam variant due to it just being a reposting of another’s work. Unfortunately, most are in this game simply for recognition and enrichment. I made the conscious decision to create the Sapphire Crypto Blog without incorporating any ad revenue. I have no ad revenue incentive for you to visit my official blog. I have affiliate material in most of my content but there is zero monetization per visit whatsoever.

I also write under a pseudonym to ensure that the focus remains on the content and not the person. I understand that the majority reading this will not appreciate my approach but I do it for my own personal reasons and convictions. I may in time reevaluate, as my journey continues but for now, this is me. Sapphire Crypto signing out.

See you soon!

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