Biswap – DEX/AMM


Biswap is a fairly unique decentralized exchange in that it actually pays users for every trade executed on the platform. There are numerous incentives available to users that come mostly via the referral program. The rewards are paid out in BSW, which is the native token of the Biswap DEX. If you are needing to exchange or trade BSC based tokens, Biswap is a really great option in my opinion. Not only are you able to secure BSW tokens at zero cost but you are also able to earn commissions by taking advantage of the referral program and all that it has to offer. The exchange fee is only 0.1%, which is extremely low and highly competitive! For someone often needing to swap tokens, Biswap is the perfect choice.

Any opportunity within the Crypto space that gifts you with free Crypto in exchange for activities that you are already doing is generally worth exploring. Let’s explore how well Biswap is actually being utilized by the Crypto community.


Biswap launched on the 24th of May 2021 and managed to exceed $1 billion in trading volume for the first month. That is rather impressive, considering that the platform was unknown and only entering into the DeFi arena. The first month also saw Biswap onboard 1 052 343 users, with 103 585 actively trading and making use of various services on the platform. The project has also been audited by Certik, which is a trusted blockchain security firm. Biswap scored 89% on the audit for safety and security.

The price of the BSW token has remained fairly stable, unlike many other DEX/AMM projects that often crash and burn after an initial rally. The native token of any DEX/AMM is very important, as value needs to be maintained in order to justify utilizing the service. Currently the TVL is at $435 760 512 and has been as high as almost $1 billion. The market has recently experienced a flash crash, so that also needs to be taken into account. DeFi TVL in general often bleeds during market downturns and ramps up as soon as the market moves higher. The daily trading volume of BSW is approximately $150 000, with the majority of volume being traded on MEXC Global.


Biswap also enables BSW holders to stake their tokens and in return earn BSW tokens, as well as other tokens such as BFG, BNB, DOT, ADA and others. The yields are also very high, making it a really attractive offer, especially as the coins and tokens being earned are generally top projects. Earning BNB at 150% APR is an absolute gift in my opinion.

Biswap also gained a lot of exposure by partnering with BetFury, a Crypto based I-Gaming platform. BetFury chose to initially list their BFG token exclusively on Biswap. This clearly played a large part in onboarding new users, as BetFury users had been patiently waiting for the listing of the BFG token. Earning BFG tokens is also fairly attractive as BFG can be staked on the BetFury platform in order to earn daily dividends.

No matter which option you may choose, Biswap definitely has some amazing yields on offer. It is however important to note that yields often tend to fluctuate in the DeFi space due to liquidity and TVL adjustments.


Biswap also has a very extensive list of farming pairs available to earn even higher yields than the staking opportunities. As I am writing this post there are currently 56 different farming pairs available for farmers to take advantage of. Farming requires a deposit of equal weightings for the desired pair and adjusts according to price action once purchased. Understanding this dynamic, as well as impermanent loss is imperative for users to grasp.

It is perhaps advisable to begin experimenting with stablecoin pairs, or even smaller amounts of capital. This is necessary in order to ensure that you completely understand the dynamics at play. With APY’s of up to 455%, you really don’t want to miss out. However, at the same time you want to ensure that you understand the potential risks involved. On the other hand, seasoned DeFi players can simply just begin enjoying some of the great yields on offer from the Biswap farms.


In conclusion, Biswap provide an unparalleled service within the DeFi space. Not only can users enjoy low trading fees but also BSW rebates on every single trade. There is an array of earning opportunities available through staking and farming, as well as commissions through the referral program. Referring friends and family will ensure that you earn a commission on their staking and farming rewards. Soon there will also be commissions paid to referrers for swaps, making Biswap extremely attractive.

This is not investment advice, or an endorsement of any projects mentioned.