UBIX – A Hidden Micro Cap Gem

Under The Radar Gem

The Ubix Network, with the ticker UBX is a project I gained some exposure to earlier this year. Currently the network transfers millions of dollars a day and comprises of 6 blockchains. The network is a hybrid, comprised of both public and private blockchains. The Ubix ecosystem is quite extensive and the team has been quietly building and developing this project for years, specifically avoiding marketing agendas at this stage. One of the main features attracting investors is the daily airdrop of 0.10% to wallet balances that exceed 1 million UBX. This sounds like a lot but it is not nearly as expensive as one may think. For those who do not have the funds to purchase 1 million tokens, there is an alternative available to stake any amount that I will address later. At the current price of UBX it is approximately $520.

In order to stake UBX, users will have to follow the instructions via the official site and make use of the MakeMeMoney platform via the Ubikiri porthole. I attained my first batch of UBX some time back and even though the price has been hurt by the recent drop, my initial position is still up almost 2000%.

At the recent peak this bag of UBX surpassed 100X, which is a very clear indication of how this project can still move massively to the upside.


My main reasoning for this view is twofold. Firstly, the project is still very much under the radar and secondly, the market cap of UBIX is currently only $20 million! A $200 million market cap is even tiny and that is 10X from here. It is a bit of a risk but the risk/reward ratio in my opinion is pretty good, which is why I still hodl UBX and will buy more in the dips. Looking at the graph below, you can see that I managed to secure my initial holdings at the ground level and if you know me, you will know that it is very unlikely that I will ever sell that holding. Any coin or token that I manage to get in on extremely early is always a long-term hodl for me. Having that upper hand is extremely valuable and I love the advantage that it offers.


I may move them around and will only consider selling in the isolated event that the project collapses, or suffers some significant setback. Exploring the Ubix network will reveal how complex this project actually is, including how advanced the tech is. Unfortunately, this does not exclude the staking process. Staking UBX will mean that you will have to create a wallet on Ubikiri and then unwrap your UBX from the ERC20 version to the native UBX. Holdings need to be in the native version of the token in order to stake. For those who may find all of this a little too complicated, you can always simply consider holding the token as a speculative trade. These staking yields may indeed bring in a lot more investors, once the word is out. This will automatically cause the token price to increase.

The Ubix exchange has also recently been launched, which is connected to your account on Ubikiri. Purchasing UBX on this exchange is already in the native form and does not need to be un-wrapped. Other exchanges where you can pick up UBX as an ERC20 are KuCoin and Hotbit.

Even if investors cannot afford the 1 million tokens to qualify for the staking daily drops, there is another option. StackOfStake is a staking platform very similar to Mycointainer that offers the opportunity to stake any amount of UBX. From what I understand, UBX tokens will still have to be un-wrapped or purchased directly from the Ubix exchange in order to stake. You will have to do your own research in the event that you may wish to utilize this opportunity.

Ubix also passed an audit performed by Slow Mist back in July. Most projects are pushing marketing campaigns and onboarding new users long before they even initiate an audit. Ubix has been very professional in their approach when it comes to securing and polishing their project.

Ubix have launched their exchange, alongside Ubikiri and staking platform while simultaneously performing a smart contract audit. The team seems very set on getting the project polished and in optimal working order before attracting the masses. There is a lot involved in this project and this article only touches the service. If Ubix intrigues you then you are welcome to visit the resources mentioned. 

This article is however not investment advice or an endorsement of the products and services mentioned. Please do your own research and exercise caution. Thanks for reading!

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