The Challenging World Of DeFi – Where Does Value Truly Lie?

Taking The Plunge Regardless of if markets head lower or not, at some point, DeFi players have to re-enter the arena. It’s obviously ideal to re-enter once a bottom has formed. This is more important than actually timing the bottom. Why? Well, since you… Continue Reading “The Challenging World Of DeFi – Where Does Value Truly Lie?”

DeFi – Sacrifice Immediate Gratification

It’s Always A Dark Time Bear markets have a way of absolutely crushing everything, especially DeFi, and this bear market is no different. Look at the beloved CAKE, which was trading at approximately $44 at the peak. It has been as low as approximately… Continue Reading “DeFi – Sacrifice Immediate Gratification”

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PancakeSwap’s CAKE Is Down 93% From 2021 Highs

The DeFi Star I think almost everyone involved in Crypto and especially DeFi has some CAKE locked up somewhere generating yield. This was definitely a no-brainer move during 2021 and even early 2022. However, the infamous bear has managed to really claw deep into… Continue Reading “PancakeSwap’s CAKE Is Down 93% From 2021 Highs”

DeFi Decisions

It Moves Fast Many DeFi investors were likely caught off guard recently and are probably wondering how they should navigate their way forward. As usual, the narratives abound in regards to the direction of the market and a potential bottom. There are those who… Continue Reading “DeFi Decisions”

Reflections & Current Thoughts On DeFi

DeFi Season Kicks Off In 2020 we had the initial DeFi craze that saw many small and unknown projects taking off by simply leveraging the term “DeFi”. If a project was said to offer some type of DeFi service, it was automatically sent to… Continue Reading “Reflections & Current Thoughts On DeFi”

Five Coins/Tokens I would Pick Up In A Surprise Crash

The Mother Of All Opportunities We all hate market crashes because of what they do to our portfolio. We see our hard work and effort being sliced away. However, a crash is only a temporary state, from which the market does eventually recover. Further… Continue Reading “Five Coins/Tokens I would Pick Up In A Surprise Crash”