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Bear Markets Provide Gains Only To Snap Them Back

Why Bear Markets Are Great For Trading Trading long in a bear market is not as dangerous or crazy as it seems. It all depends on what stage of the bear market you decide to trade. What we have seen in the past month… Continue Reading “Bear Markets Provide Gains Only To Snap Them Back”

Bitcoin – Consider The Risk

Recent Hope Bitcoin has been trading somewhat higher than the recent low of $17.637 which managed to flush out a lot of the weak hands. I was already out in 2021 and then sold off the last bit that I wanted to sell when… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Consider The Risk”

The “Quiet Phase” Begins

Human Behavior Is Predictable The reason why technical analysis is one of the more accurate metrics is that it displays human behavior. Charts are not simply data but more specifically the data and presentation of human behavior over time. This is powerful because human… Continue Reading “The “Quiet Phase” Begins”

The Building Of New Long Positions Begins Soon!

Sticking To The Plan Working to a strict plan and strategy is always best when trading markets. Markets are irrational at best and if you are not disciplined it can become a rather “messy” combination. My best-case bottom target came very near to being… Continue Reading “The Building Of New Long Positions Begins Soon!”

My Bitcoin Bottom Prediction Playing Out As Expected… So Far!

There Needs To Be Measurable Points In The Journey Some argue that it is impossible to predict markets and therefore discourage “trying to time the market”. However, I disagree completely, one needs to have some sort of idea of where a particular market may… Continue Reading “My Bitcoin Bottom Prediction Playing Out As Expected… So Far!”

The “Buying The Dip” Strategy Will Soon Return

Utilizing The Correct Strategy Looking back to 2020 and my article entitled, “This Is Not 2018 – It’s Time To Buy The Dip!” reveals how buying the dip in a bull market is a very smart move. However, the opposite is true of bear… Continue Reading “The “Buying The Dip” Strategy Will Soon Return”

My Next Three Months In Crypto

A Clear Plan No matter what you decide to tackle in life you always need a plan. When I take a closer look at my own analysis of Bitcoin I can see a potential bottom around September. So, I am working around that timeframe.… Continue Reading “My Next Three Months In Crypto”

The Crypto Market Is Currently A Trader’s Paradise

A Recent Decision About a month ago I made the decision to sell some altcoin holdings in order to fund some trading accounts. I was looking to trade these values higher and eventually buy back my original holdings at a discount. This seems to… Continue Reading “The Crypto Market Is Currently A Trader’s Paradise”

DeFi Decisions

It Moves Fast Many DeFi investors were likely caught off guard recently and are probably wondering how they should navigate their way forward. As usual, the narratives abound in regards to the direction of the market and a potential bottom. There are those who… Continue Reading “DeFi Decisions”

How I see This Bear Market Playing Out – Key Levels To Watch

Best To Zoom Out I know that many are rather optimistic and believe that BTC bottomed at $25K and is now busy making a comeback. Even though this is what we would all love to hear, it is highly unlikely. Let’s just clarify though… Continue Reading “How I see This Bear Market Playing Out – Key Levels To Watch”