Important Dynamics At Play To Understand This Pump

Driving Forces What drives a price in any direction is always very important to know and understand. Why? Well, it can offer a lot of insight into the reliability of the pump, and whether it has much chance of continuation. Combine these dynamics together… Continue Reading “Important Dynamics At Play To Understand This Pump”

Leveraging Your Best Investment

Immersion Creates Awareness Anyone who chooses to dive into the Crypto space, will over time, become somewhat knowledgeable. Marry that with a keen understanding of technical analysis and emotional intelligence, and you have the makings of a trading machine. Before Crypto existed, it was… Continue Reading “Leveraging Your Best Investment”

Cryptocurrency – Delayed Realization & The Stage Of Confusion

I Thought Bitcoin Was A Hedge Against Inflation? This has been brought up numerous times throughout the mainstream media, as well as the Crypto media. People are disappointed, confused, and perhaps disillusioned. It seems people don’t really understand that “beating inflation” is measured over… Continue Reading “Cryptocurrency – Delayed Realization & The Stage Of Confusion”

Bitcoin – In Desperate Need Of A Significant Decoupling

A Strange Asset Bitcoin is a rather unique asset, being extremely volatile in the short term and yet displaying amazing returns over the longer term. Traditional investors are unable to accurately class and explain Bitcoin, which leaves the asset being classed along with risk-on… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – In Desperate Need Of A Significant Decoupling”

The Week Ahead – What Are The Charts Saying?

The S&P Dropped Another 2% One of the most important factors affecting Crypto right now is the macro environment. When you see bullish expectations in an environment that is extremely bearish it becomes obvious that there is a lack of knowledge. Many choose to… Continue Reading “The Week Ahead – What Are The Charts Saying?”

Idle Dollars In My “Machines”

Waiting In The Wings Apart from actually holding a decent allocation in stablecoins, I also have a number of passive income mechanisms that are generating dollar holdings. You want to be earning both Crypto and USD during a bear market. Crypto, because you earn… Continue Reading “Idle Dollars In My “Machines””

Bitcoin Bottom – A Very Interesting Scenario

Let’s Go To The Charts Something that I have witnessed over the years is even when it seems improbable, if the charts are suggesting it then it will most likely play out that way. A lot of investors are aping in on this move… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Bottom – A Very Interesting Scenario”

You Don’t Require Significant Capital To Become Crypto Wealthy

A Wild Fire It has been said that the stock market and trading as a whole is the final opportunity that enables a person with modest capital to become increasingly wealthy. This idea becomes even more powerful when you factor in the growth potential… Continue Reading “You Don’t Require Significant Capital To Become Crypto Wealthy”

A Bullish Bear Market?

It Happens Fast! It was just the other day that Bitcoin was patiently bobbing around in the low $40K region. Now, we are suddenly in a situation where a full-blown bear market is a reality. Just because there is a 10% bounce today does… Continue Reading “A Bullish Bear Market?”

Gold Is Failing As A Store Of Value

Bitcoin Is Not Gold 2.0 – So What Is It? It is more than a year ago since I posted “Bitcoin Is Not Gold 2.0 – So What Is It?”. I think many who read it did not really agree with my thesis. However,… Continue Reading “Gold Is Failing As A Store Of Value”