A Wage Is Earned… Wealth Is Created…

The Limitations Of Human Effort No matter who you are working for, you are going to face two very real obstacles to generating wealth. Firstly, a human limitation as to how many hours you are able to work, and secondly, a limitation as to… Continue Reading “A Wage Is Earned… Wealth Is Created…”

Leveraging Your Best Investment

Immersion Creates Awareness Anyone who chooses to dive into the Crypto space, will over time, become somewhat knowledgeable. Marry that with a keen understanding of technical analysis and emotional intelligence, and you have the makings of a trading machine. Before Crypto existed, it was… Continue Reading “Leveraging Your Best Investment”

Creating Wealth On The Blockchain

The “Value” Shift I have seen @taskmaster4450 often refer to what is happening within the Crypto space as the age of abundance, or the economy of abundance. I have often referred to it as the “incentivized economy”. However you choose to view it, one… Continue Reading “Creating Wealth On The Blockchain”

How The Average Person Becomes Wealthy

Not Everyone Is A Trader For many, the long-term investment approach is the only viable option. The average person simply doesn’t have excess capital to begin making large investments, especially now. Apart from that, there are those who realize that they don’t have significant… Continue Reading “How The Average Person Becomes Wealthy”

Without Bear Markets There Is No Wealth Creation

Human Psychology? There are still so many who are not able to understand the utility of a bear market. Many believe that a bear market simply needs to be endured. They fail to realize that this is actually the ticket to wealth, not the… Continue Reading “Without Bear Markets There Is No Wealth Creation”

Trading – A Well-Defined Strategy

Beyond Binary Markets may indeed be binary in nature but trading is a lot more complex than this simple binary nature that generates profits and incurs losses. Allocation points, lot sizes, and leverage play a significant role in defining a good strategy. Simply buying… Continue Reading “Trading – A Well-Defined Strategy”

You Don’t Require Significant Capital To Become Crypto Wealthy

A Wild Fire It has been said that the stock market and trading as a whole is the final opportunity that enables a person with modest capital to become increasingly wealthy. This idea becomes even more powerful when you factor in the growth potential… Continue Reading “You Don’t Require Significant Capital To Become Crypto Wealthy”

The Rise Of The Builder & The Decay Of Smart Money

Creators & Builders “Smart Money” has always been linked to three main sectors. The stock market, real estate, and business ownership. The shift that has been triggered will ultimately have a significant effect on these sectors going forward. It is my opinion that the… Continue Reading “The Rise Of The Builder & The Decay Of Smart Money”

Invisible Expansion

Contradiction In Terms Understanding how wealth is created and compounded further by passive income and the network effect is an extremely valuable asset to have. Have you noticed how many wealthy people lose their fortunes only to rebuild them again? This is also usually… Continue Reading “Invisible Expansion”

The Rise Of The New 1%

Crypto Billionaires On The Rise Recently it was reported that CZ, the CEO of Binance is now one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. With a reported net worth of $96 billion, it is literally amazing to think that the entire Crypto market… Continue Reading “The Rise Of The New 1%”