Creating Wealth On The Blockchain

The “Value” Shift

I have seen @taskmaster4450 often refer to what is happening within the Crypto space as the age of abundance, or the economy of abundance. I have often referred to it as the “incentivized economy”. However you choose to view it, one thing is certain, this is where value and wealth are being created. For many years now, “data” has been seen as valuable, and desirable. The constant breakthroughs within the blockchain space are causing this idea to evolve and mature into something way more powerful. We are entering a time when many will struggle financially. However, I believe that those who chose to build and create within this space will ultimately enter into a position of abundance. Web 3 is advancing, and so are the opportunities within this niche. It’s a simple case of building for “tomorrow”. Those who have the foresight to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity are already experiencing the rewards.

No Greater Encouragement

There can be no greater encouragement when building for tomorrow than to experience immediate reward today. This literally is the case with many of the opportunities within the Crypto space. Even though many of us have our eyes set on the future, we are already enjoying immediate rewards and benefits for our time and effort. Opportunities such as Hive are literally mind-blowing when you consider the scope and potential. Hivers with conviction continue to build their stacks and accounts in the anticipation of future relevance and value. In the meantime, they are amassing immediate “value” that can be translated into any currency or alternative investment vehicle. We are so familiar with this dynamic that I think we sometimes forget how privileged we are to be “aware and active” in these formative years.

Governing Your Own Economy

In many ways, Web 3 enables users to build and create wealth without having to trust entities, banks, and other institutions that can create barriers between you and your wealth. Obviously, certain risks are also present when it comes to Web 3, but that is the case with any new and developing technology. Regulation is also a concern for many. However, there is only so far that can really go, anyway. Ultimately, individuals can create their own unique system, which they ultimately control and oversee. This is perhaps not for everyone, but people are beginning to become a lot more discerning when it comes to financial matters. The benefits of a DIY system are slowly becoming more appealing to more and more people.

Crisis Is A Great Promoter

A world in crisis ultimately acts as an effective marketing team. That which destroys trust in individuals and corporations subsequently instills trust in decentralization. The failure of the current system is ironically setting the stage for the new. I am convinced of my own personal decision. Whether it plays out as I anticipate remains to be seen. However, one thing I am sure of is my conviction. I continue to plug away day after, week after week, month after month, and year after year. So, what are your convictions, and are they strong enough to initiate action?

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