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Hive’s Unique Power On The Blockchain

Something To Remember Hugely successful ideas are often quite similar to already existing ideas, except, they often have a very unique and even particular angle. Businesses centered around service delivery are often fairly similar. However, when you isolate the leader of the pack, you… Continue Reading “Hive’s Unique Power On The Blockchain”

ETH Just Made Me More Bullish On Certain Layer 1 Alternatives

A Done Deal Well, the ETH Merge is now history and proved to be a bit of a non-event, in terms of price appreciation. With the price of ETH currently trading at the $1300 level, I am sure there are a few disappointed investors… Continue Reading “ETH Just Made Me More Bullish On Certain Layer 1 Alternatives”

How The Average Person Becomes Wealthy

Not Everyone Is A Trader For many, the long-term investment approach is the only viable option. The average person simply doesn’t have excess capital to begin making large investments, especially now. Apart from that, there are those who realize that they don’t have significant… Continue Reading “How The Average Person Becomes Wealthy”

Current Market Conditions Validate Traditional POS Over Lending

My Personal View I have stated repeatedly that I prefer traditional proof of stake to lending, as the risks are considerably lower. When you consider the benchmark returns of staking against those of lending there isn’t much difference at all. This only serves to… Continue Reading “Current Market Conditions Validate Traditional POS Over Lending”

Why Proof Of Stake Is Superior To Staking

Similar & Yet So Different Being able to stake a coin is always a great benefit to have as an option but that does not necessarily make the coin a POS (proof of stake) blockchain. Many coins and tokens now offer a staking reward… Continue Reading “Why Proof Of Stake Is Superior To Staking”

Great Opportunities Opening Up For POS Projects

DeFi Is Great But POS Still Has Benefits With the shift to DeFi over the past year or two, POS coins have taken a bit of a back seat. POS (proof of stake) projects do however have benefits in that they are generally a… Continue Reading “Great Opportunities Opening Up For POS Projects”