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TradFi – More Than The Erosion Of Trust

You Can Take That To The Bank! A bank is an institution that will lend you money, provided you can prove that you don’t need it. I have known people with assets and investments who have been refused a loan before. It sounds like… Continue Reading “TradFi – More Than The Erosion Of Trust”

CeFi – Will Confidence Return?

When The Tide Goes Out It’s all fun in the sun when the tide is up and everyone is enjoying the yields of the lending world. However, just like everything else, the tide too must turn. Summer eventually gives way to winter and a… Continue Reading “CeFi – Will Confidence Return?”

Current Market Conditions Validate Traditional POS Over Lending

My Personal View I have stated repeatedly that I prefer traditional proof of stake to lending, as the risks are considerably lower. When you consider the benchmark returns of staking against those of lending there isn’t much difference at all. This only serves to… Continue Reading “Current Market Conditions Validate Traditional POS Over Lending”