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Bitcoin – The Cornerstone Of The Blockchain Revolution VS CBDCs

Foundations Matter The desired approach of the “elites” and other “influential” latecomers to the Crypto party is to refute Bitcoin in an attempt to recreate the “blockchain explosion”. This is a very predictable response. Usually, influential players simply “purchase” new breakthroughs and technologies. Unfortunately,… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – The Cornerstone Of The Blockchain Revolution VS CBDCs”

Crypto Is Encouraging Society To Take Financial Responsibility

The Genesis Block Ever since Satoshi unleashed Bitcoin into the world, there has been a growing desire amongst society for financial independence. This desire has subsequently encouraged people to become financially knowledgeable. What we are now seeing is a shift, a shift toward financial… Continue Reading “Crypto Is Encouraging Society To Take Financial Responsibility”

Crypto Is About To Enter A Sweet Spot

Incorrectly Interpreting Data Leading up to the Merge, many were extremely bullish. Ethereum had just hit $2K and it had just been announced that BlackRock was about to enter the space in a very “real” way. Long-term, this is bullish. However, in the short… Continue Reading “Crypto Is About To Enter A Sweet Spot”

Investing – The Dual Objective

General Misconception There is a massive flaw within the world of investing that doesn’t seem to exist in other spheres of business, at least not to this degree. Would you endeavor to fly an airplane based on your knowledge of airplanes? Probably not! Would… Continue Reading “Investing – The Dual Objective”

Trading – A Well-Defined Strategy

Beyond Binary Markets may indeed be binary in nature but trading is a lot more complex than this simple binary nature that generates profits and incurs losses. Allocation points, lot sizes, and leverage play a significant role in defining a good strategy. Simply buying… Continue Reading “Trading – A Well-Defined Strategy”

The Rise Of The Builder & The Decay Of Smart Money

Creators & Builders “Smart Money” has always been linked to three main sectors. The stock market, real estate, and business ownership. The shift that has been triggered will ultimately have a significant effect on these sectors going forward. It is my opinion that the… Continue Reading “The Rise Of The Builder & The Decay Of Smart Money”