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Retail Investors Get Played… Again!

Do You Understand The Economic Environment? The market completely misinterpreted Powell’s most recent address as bullish. The media is now “conveniently” reporting from “trusted” sources that there was actually nothing in the statement that could actually be interpreted as dovish. I did mention this… Continue Reading “Retail Investors Get Played… Again!”

Bitcoin Bottom – A Very Interesting Scenario

Let’s Go To The Charts Something that I have witnessed over the years is even when it seems improbable, if the charts are suggesting it then it will most likely play out that way. A lot of investors are aping in on this move… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Bottom – A Very Interesting Scenario”

Don’t Confuse A Bear Market Bottom With The End Of A Bear Market

Even Cycles Have Cycles The initial stage of any bear market is usually the most deceptive. Oftentimes the market only realizes that a bear market is in play once it has already started. Denial is usually the most common response, which ultimately allows the… Continue Reading “Don’t Confuse A Bear Market Bottom With The End Of A Bear Market”

The Rise Of FTX’s FTT Token

Steadily Climbing The Ranks Amidst all the recent carnage, FTX’s FTT token has managed to edge its way higher in terms of market cap ranking. FTT is now on the verge of entering the Top 20, whereas little over a month ago FTT was… Continue Reading “The Rise Of FTX’s FTT Token”

Bitcoin – This Next Move Will Reveal A Lot!

Bullish Formation Looking to the charts, one can see that a traditionally bullish formation is in play in the form of an ascending triangle. These formations statistically break to the upside 70% of the time, essentially making them bullish reversal patterns. This pattern is… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – This Next Move Will Reveal A Lot!”