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Bitcoin – Relatively Speaking…

Health Check Every so often, it’s advisable to visit your GP for a checkup. This will often incorporate testing one’s blood pressure, sugar levels, and a number of other tests, depending on pre-existing conditions. A similar idea can be applied to financial markets. Gathering… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Relatively Speaking…”

Leveraging Crypto As A Solution To Financial Instability

Price Fixation With the onset of a bear market comes the usual fixation with price. Many “investors” forget that there are projects, teams, and road maps associated with the coins and tokens they hold. Investors are simply holding out, desperate for the market to… Continue Reading “Leveraging Crypto As A Solution To Financial Instability”

Bitcoin Needs To Step Into Its True Identity

Bitcoin Revisits Previous Lows Yesterday, we saw quite a significant dump for BTC as the CPI figure came out. Yet another disappointing outcome, as inflation stubbornly refuses to budge. As I have said, expect to see the $19K support being lost. It won’t be… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Needs To Step Into Its True Identity”

Cryptocurrency – Delayed Realization & The Stage Of Confusion

I Thought Bitcoin Was A Hedge Against Inflation? This has been brought up numerous times throughout the mainstream media, as well as the Crypto media. People are disappointed, confused, and perhaps disillusioned. It seems people don’t really understand that “beating inflation” is measured over… Continue Reading “Cryptocurrency – Delayed Realization & The Stage Of Confusion”

The Dollar – Investors Vote With Their Wallets

DXY Continues To Surge It has long been said that in times of trouble and uncertainty, investors move into gold, as a safe haven asset. This trend has been silently dying, in my opinion. The idea that gold is no longer a store of… Continue Reading “The Dollar – Investors Vote With Their Wallets”

Bitcoin – Let’s Get Back To The Charts

Time For An Update I have not presented any technical analysis for a week or so, due to the fact that nothing had really changed. In many ways that is still the case. There are a number of traders out there who are becoming… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Let’s Get Back To The Charts”

Passive Income / Hive Ecosystem / Blogging

Coming Together My readers will already know that I am a firm lover of passive income. I have also developed quite a penchant for blogging over the years. The last couple of years have also seen me become rather fascinated and intrigued by what… Continue Reading “Passive Income / Hive Ecosystem / Blogging”

Financial Wisdom To Counter Economic Collapse

High Inflation Is Here To Stay There is a strong likelihood that when the FED meets again in September, we will be met with some “good news”. As interest rate hikes have continued to attack inflation, combined with lowering commodity prices, there is a… Continue Reading “Financial Wisdom To Counter Economic Collapse”

Don’t Confuse A Bear Market Bottom With The End Of A Bear Market

Even Cycles Have Cycles The initial stage of any bear market is usually the most deceptive. Oftentimes the market only realizes that a bear market is in play once it has already started. Denial is usually the most common response, which ultimately allows the… Continue Reading “Don’t Confuse A Bear Market Bottom With The End Of A Bear Market”

Will Bitcoin Protect Investors In An Age Of Hyperinflation?

It’s Not Transitory Unlike what the FED and politicians would have you believe, hyperinflation is most definitely not transitory. We have entered an age of hyperinflation, an age that has only just begun. Do you remember how shocked everyone was when inflation was reported… Continue Reading “Will Bitcoin Protect Investors In An Age Of Hyperinflation?”